Complete Animatic and Storyboard

27 07 2012

First versions

At the end I manage to get this done, it’s been a lot of hard work, this week was very busy, I work every day until late. Although the quality of the drawings is not that good as I want, because we had short time to do that.

Here is the complete animatic, with correct timing:

And here is the StoryBoard, with explanations: Click Here to see the Complete Storyboard


Full Drawing Storyboard

26 07 2012

Temporary post

Well, this is a temporary post, that’s because tomorrow I will update it with final versions of full animatic and full storyboard.

Today I’ve been working so hard, and I completed the 112 draws for my storyboard, I started doing the animatic and setting the timings, but I had no time today for more.

Tomorrow I will finish it but now I’m uploading at this post the complete StoryBoard drawings (only the draws). The timings are not correct yet.

Click here to see the full drawing StoryBoard

Complete Storyline

20 07 2012

Starting Storyboard

Here it is, my complete storyline, this started two weeks ago and after developing ideas, thinking, comparing, merging and changing, this is the most accurate version by the moment, this has evolved increasingly since the first idea .The different teachers have helped me a lot to give sense to all the aspects of the plot, and they give me very good ideas. Because sometimes when you are writting you don’t realize that some things are in contradiction. Talking about the project with the others classmates has helped me too.  Now with this I am starting the complete Storyboard for my Final Project. I’m proud to be creating a small Universe. Sometimes although I’m not working, new ideas come to my head, enlarging this tale world.

Click here to view the PDF Full Storyline

Class Work – 13/07

19 07 2012

Paint Effects & Ncloth

Last Friday we practice Paint Effects and Ncloth. Paint Effects basically allows you to create things like hair, clouds, or different preset objects that Maya includes.

That’s a test frame of Paint Effects I’ve done:

I also practice and remeber how to do Ncloth, cause I will do clothes in my final project.

Ncloth example that I recorded:

Class Work – 11/07-12/07

19 07 2012

3D Rigging, Bones & Reverse Foot

Last week we learnt how to make a basic rigging, it’s like making a skeleton for our character’s. We create all the skeleton and use AK solvers to control the movements, we also use paint selection to avoid that some moves affects for example to deform of the head.

We also practice the reverse foot technique, which conists in create a separate foot in the reverse way of a normal foot, and allows you to move the character without going under the floor, basically.

There’s a video showing what I’ve done:

Project Trailer

16 07 2012

Poor Youtube quality (Better on Vimeo)

Here it is, finally I finish it, it took me a lot of hours and a lot of effort, but was worth it. We have had short time to do it, so there are some things which I would improve, anyway I’m happy with the final result.

Youtube Link -> Not really good quality

Although my final project will combine 2D and 3D, this Trailer is all made in 2D.

I don’t like the downgrade that youtube make on the quality of the video, the colors look muted and the textures very blurry. That’s why I’m uploading also to Vimeo, I will update the entry with the link soon.


Here is the Vimeo version, which looks really well compared with the Youtube version (Put in HD!)

Project Trailer – Final Version from Raul Reyes on Vimeo.

Last Animatic & Storyboard

12 07 2012

Animation changes and Music

This is the last version of the Animatic, I changed some animations, and I added and arranged the music (without fadings).

And this is the Storyboard: Click here to view the Storyboard

Now, with all the Animatic finished and decided, I can start doing the Trailer. Although the final project will be in 3D and 2D, this trailer would be only in 2D because I have no time to do 3D modelings. This is a planning of what I should do for the Trailer, I have to work really hard to get this done for next Monday.
I will use Photoshop, Artrage, and After Effects for animate, and Flash to frame by frame animations.


Panel 1 – Outside House:

Paint all, create more scene for doing the Panning.

Animate Trees and flowers, wind movement. Put all into a precomp and animate the Panning.

Panel 2 – Little Girl:

Paint all, animate the wind moving flowers and draw the hand of the Girl. Animate the hand.

Emphatize depth of field with layers.

Panel 3 – Black Kinght appears:

Paint all.

Animate Little Girl at the back.

Animate the hand of the Black Knight closing (Frame by frame)

Panel 4 – Girl loking for little sister:

Paint all.

Animate Girl lloking both sides (Frame by frame)

Panel 5 – First Shot Girl:

Paint all.

Animate Girl face (mouth, eyes, eyebrows)

Zoom Out:

Animate and Paint all the scene.

Panel 6 – General shot:

Paint all.

Animate clouds, wind moving Girl’s Hair.

Draw Girl’s clothes.

Panel 7 – First Shot:

Paint all.

Animte Girl’s frown.

Panel 8 – Split screen:

Paint all.

Animate Girl running (Frame by frame).

Panel 9 – Fight:

Draw the monster. Animate his arm (frame by frame).

Animate and draw Girl jumping.

Paint all.

Animate the floor crashing.

Panel 10 – Jump:

Animate the Girl jumping (frame by frame).

Animate floor crashing and falling.

Paint all.

Panel 11 – Girl climbing:

Draw Girl, animate girl climbing.

Create and move fog in the background.

Paint all.

Panel 12 – Giant Beast:

Paint all, animte the beast destroying the mountains.

Panel 13 – Final:

Crate and animate the Final motion graphic.

I hope I get the time to do all of this things because is a lot of work and I want to do it properly.