Last Animatic & Storyboard

12 07 2012

Animation changes and Music

This is the last version of the Animatic, I changed some animations, and I added and arranged the music (without fadings).

And this is the Storyboard: Click here to view the Storyboard

Now, with all the Animatic finished and decided, I can start doing the Trailer. Although the final project will be in 3D and 2D, this trailer would be only in 2D because I have no time to do 3D modelings. This is a planning of what I should do for the Trailer, I have to work really hard to get this done for next Monday.
I will use Photoshop, Artrage, and After Effects for animate, and Flash to frame by frame animations.


Panel 1 – Outside House:

Paint all, create more scene for doing the Panning.

Animate Trees and flowers, wind movement. Put all into a precomp and animate the Panning.

Panel 2 – Little Girl:

Paint all, animate the wind moving flowers and draw the hand of the Girl. Animate the hand.

Emphatize depth of field with layers.

Panel 3 – Black Kinght appears:

Paint all.

Animate Little Girl at the back.

Animate the hand of the Black Knight closing (Frame by frame)

Panel 4 – Girl loking for little sister:

Paint all.

Animate Girl lloking both sides (Frame by frame)

Panel 5 – First Shot Girl:

Paint all.

Animate Girl face (mouth, eyes, eyebrows)

Zoom Out:

Animate and Paint all the scene.

Panel 6 – General shot:

Paint all.

Animate clouds, wind moving Girl’s Hair.

Draw Girl’s clothes.

Panel 7 – First Shot:

Paint all.

Animte Girl’s frown.

Panel 8 – Split screen:

Paint all.

Animate Girl running (Frame by frame).

Panel 9 – Fight:

Draw the monster. Animate his arm (frame by frame).

Animate and draw Girl jumping.

Paint all.

Animate the floor crashing.

Panel 10 – Jump:

Animate the Girl jumping (frame by frame).

Animate floor crashing and falling.

Paint all.

Panel 11 – Girl climbing:

Draw Girl, animate girl climbing.

Create and move fog in the background.

Paint all.

Panel 12 – Giant Beast:

Paint all, animte the beast destroying the mountains.

Panel 13 – Final:

Crate and animate the Final motion graphic.

I hope I get the time to do all of this things because is a lot of work and I want to do it properly.




One response

14 07 2012
Quim Sabadell

Music is always hard to choose due to the rights of use… but you came up with a nice song!
The plot looks really epic, can’t wait to see the final result!

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