Creative Futures – Ending

18 05 2013

Summary and conclusions

All the projects of my Creative Futures are now closed/finished! So in this entry I will summarize and conclude all of them. It has been a lot of tough work, lots of hours and so much experience acquired.

UAB Project:

The UAB project consists in the creation of different science fiction shorts for the the physics department of UAB, related to different physic environmental energy problems. In this project, I had the role of Art Director, but we have done all together lots of different tasks.

This was a very huge project, it is still in development, but it’s stopped. Due to re-arrangements on the teams involved, and the disposal of the different teams, the project has is in pause.

From this project I’ve learnt that big projects requires full disposition. It’s something a full functional studio can do, but as we are students we don’t have the full disposition to accomplish a huge Project like this in a normal time period. And is harder if all the people that works on the project are coursing the last year of their degrees. We’ve already done a lot of work for the project, so this is going to be taken in the near future. In this project I’ve worked with Aleix and Sergi.

3D Wedding Cards:

The 3D Wedding Cards project consists in the creation of digital 3D Wedding cards for a wedding cards catalogue.

This has been a very successful project, and a great experience, at the beginning I thought I wouldn’t upload my work here, but finally I’ve uploaded all the work and experiences I had here in the blog.

Here you can read my conclusions about the 3D Wedding Cards project I did when it finished:

Pirates Videogame:

The Pirates Videogame Project consist in the creation of a Videogame based on “Premia de Mar” village legend. I shared this project with Sergi Petit, he had been the programmer of the game, and I’ve been the designer. We both have done the testing and gameplay aspects.

This has been also a great project, lots of meetings, lots of corrections and changes, but a great result. Finally we only did the playable part of the game, the programming and the design. The cinematic, music, and other aspects are being charged to other people that will work from now on.

I’ve never done a project like this, it’s great to see how with the collaboration of two different parts you can achieve a great product. I’ve worked with Sergi in a very effective and efficient way, it was a really satisfactory process. People of Premia de Mar were very happy with the results, we are really proud about the work done.

Here is the last entry of the project:

Animation Festival – Animac:

We wanted to assist to an Animation Festival, so we (Aleix, Sergi, and I) finally managed to did it, here you can read all the information about the journey:


You can read all the process from al the projects under the “Creative Futures” section of the blog:

You can found all the designs, information, results, and a whole bunch of details about all the projects I’ve been doing for the Creative Futures during so many weeks.

That’s been a great experience, I’ve produced a lot of projects, and I’ve worked a lot under the requirements of the differents people who have ordered me the different projects. In some projects I had a bit of freedom but other projects had been very bounded, as I had to do exactly what they are demanding. Sometimes is better to have freedom in order to create what you want, but sometimes is easier to have a limited task, because by this way is easier to offer a product that will fit the appropiate preferences and likes.

Referring to Academic projects, I’ve done two CINEMA 4D courses in Barcelona (from november to february):

Cinema 4D – Motion Graphics – 40h

At the begging I thought that C4D was only able to do motion graphics and 3D related to typography and this kind of design. But after doing the course I realized that this program is extremely powerful. The school and the teacher were really great, they also accept doubts through e-mail even after finishing the courses. I’ve done this course with Aleix and Sergi. Nuria have also done this course but not with us.

This is the course I’ve done:

At the end of this course, I nearly learnt how to use Cinema 4D better than Maya. That’s why I decided to do the Advanced Course of Cinema 4D in the same school.

Cinema 4D – Advanced – 24h

This was also great. After finishing this course, I really have an advanced control over the program. After doing this course I’ve totally learnt how to use Cinema 4D better than Maya, that’s why I’m doing the 3D part of my final Project with C4D (if you remember, I’ve also did the tests for my Dissertation with C4D). I’ve also done this course with Sergi and Aleix. And they both are also doing their projects with C4d, we have learnt a lot. With Maya I can do a lot of things, but I done have that level of control. And is great to work controlling every point of what are you doing. Also mograph is a very powerful tool.

This is the advanced course:

With 64h hours of courses in C4D, I really feel very comfortable with this program.


Creative Futures – Week XIII

12 05 2013

Last entry of Creative Futures

The last of the projects has ended:

Pirates Videogame:

As I said past week there’s only some last few things they have requested to us. And now all is finished. This Friday Sergi and I had the last meeting with them, we shown them the full game joined together with continuity. They love it. All was confirmed so now all joined is obviously great for them.

Here is the complete Game Play in HD. This is the one which corresponds to the Easy Mode:

And this is the complete Game Play in HD, which corresponds to the Hard Mode:

(as we are not doing the music of the game, I’ve selected some songs I like from different games in order to make the game play more entertaining)

As we said on past entries, the hard mode consists in less time to complete the levels, it is really hard to beat, we have a lot of practice but it’s not that easy!

As we said on the last entry, they told us that they have contacted with a Graphic Illustrator, who is going to make the drawings of the game for them (cinematics, scenes of the game, etc). In this last meeting we have talked with this Graphic Illustrator, we have share with her all the designs, all the information, and all the data. She was already informed of a lot of aspects of the project, so all the process was clear. They are contacting with the person who is going to do the audio, so he wasn’t in the meeting. All the designs of the characters and the game are spread through all the entires of the Creative Futures.

Here is the new storyline and the new game scheme, adapted to the actual structure of the level and rewritten. And here is also the Storyboard, the order is indicated in the documents:



We have also talked about the whole project, closing all the aspects. It is not planned to be finished since so far. Once they have all the material, they will search how to apply the project and how to execute, so it is very far to it’s conclusion. But our work in it is now completely finished! We are obviously open for any request or doubt they could have in future. But our work is done!

With this, all the projects of my Creative Futures are closed/finished! I will do an entry in a few days in order to summarize and close the Creative Futures project.


Creative Futures – Week XII

4 05 2013

Nearing the end

The last of the projects is coming to the end:

Pirates Videogame:

This week Sergi and I have met with Premia People, in order to show them the big progresses we have done in last weeks. We showed them all the levels of the game, with the design and everything. They liked all the levels, the structure an design, the different obstacles, etc. We showed them they new jump, and they liked. We’ve had to restructure some parts of the levels in order to make the character able to complete the levels.

We showed them also the last level with the boss, and they also liked. After testing the boss, they told us that is not necessary to include a second boss, with this is ok, they thought that the length of the game is perfect now, no need of more levels or bosses.

This is the design and structure of the boss stage. You have to activate the first lever in order to make the second lever functionally. With the second lever you have to shot the boss, you need to hit the boss three times in order to beat him.


Also, you have to avoid the water shots that appear from the cannons at the right of the screen. This is the cannon design and the pirate flag:


This is the water bomb of the cannons:


This is the new lever that allow you to shot a water bomb into the boss. You have to calculate when to activate it beacause the boss is in constantly movement!


Also, on this meeting, they told us some news. They have contacted with a Graphic Illustrator, who is going to make the drawings of the game for them (cinematics, scenes of the game, etc). We are not Illustrators so I understand the decision. Also, their aim is to make the project created by several persons. They’re also contacting with another person for doing the music of the game.

So in other words, they told us that for now all we can do for this project is done. But they asked us for two different last things. For next week, they want:

  • The game with continuity, all the phases of the game joined.
  • The last story board we did, but adapted to the current levels of the game.

So we have a meeting next week in order to finish and show them this two last things they’ve asked us. After this, all our job in the project will be done!


Creative Futures – Week XI

27 04 2013

Keep working

Here is the progress of the week on the different projects:

Pirates Videogame:

This week we’ve been doing lots of testing with the different levels of the game. We played and re-played each level in order to see that all works ok. We also started to develop the hard mode of the game. In this hard mode, you have less time to beat the level. We want to create a challenge, this hard mode is addressed to people that plays games usually.

We have done lots of tests in order to adjust the time for each level, in this mode we want to make each level difficult to beat. So this week I haven’t so much material to show, because nearly all the improvements we’ve done are about playability.

I have also designed the 4rth level, we are still working on the moving platform, but I’ve done the design anyway.


We have modified the Jump of the character also, after lots of researching, Sergi managed to apply the jump animation. Also now the jump is limited, if you fall of a platform, you can’t jump until you hit the floor. We’ve also added a new feature, when you jump, if you push the down key,  you can increase the falling speed of the character, this is a feature for experienced players, and you have to use it in some areas of the hard mode if you want to beat the game. Here is a little video I’ve done showing all the improvements in jumping:

As you can see, this is a part of the 2nd level in hard mode. You have only 8 seconds to enter the door. It’s difficult, but it’s possible. As I said, you have to press the down key in order to fall rapidly and beat the level.

We are now working on the first boss battle level, it’s almost finished, but we still have to do some arrangements.


Creative Futures – Week X

20 04 2013

Working Hard

This week I’ve been working hard to finish and improve some aspects of the Pirates Videogame.

Pirates Videogame:

We’ve been designing the different levels of the game. Sergi had assembled the levels with the platforms and everything, and I’ve done the designing.  I’ve also done some improvements in the two final levels, and I’ve tested that all the platforms works fine, sometimes the main character gets stuck into the floor, and that is due the assembling of the platforms. I’ve solved those errors but we have to work more on the platform assembling in order to get the level work perfectly.

Sergi had programmed some showers, and I’ve improved them changing the timing and adding the animation. Here is some caps of the different levels. Level 4 is not present because we have some problems with a moving platform, and I’m not designing it until it work ok.

We have changed the jumping of the main character, so we had to re-design all the levels we have in order to make him reach the platforms (now he jumps less high).

You start at the bottom of the boat, on the darkest rooms:

Level 1:


Level 2:

Level 2_cap

Level 3:

In this stage you can found some standing water, if you fall into the water you loose one life.


As you can see, as you advance through the levels, you go up in the boat, so the stages become clearer and cleaner.

Level 4: The 4rth level is under construction.

Level 5:

In this level you can see the water showers, if you touch the water you loose one life (yes, in this game water kills you).


Level 6:


And that’s all by now.

Here is the shower animation. The animation consist in two different frames of water, in each position the frame is altering (1 -2 – 1 – 2) and falling down. Here are the two frames that form the animation:


And here is the animation itself:


I’ve also done the bottom part, where the water splashes (it also kills you), it consist in two frames:


I’ve designed also the water supplier, with the copper esthetic of all the mechanical elements of the game:

duchasurtidor copy

And this is how all fits together:


I’ve made a video to show the showers in movement:

We are working now on level 4, and  on polishing the level structure and designing. Soon we will start to develop the different scenes and intro. We have also to work on the two different bosses of the game.


Creative Futures – Week IX

13 04 2013


Finally many of the projects are coming to their end. I have gone to the “Animac” Animation Festival, and the work with the wedding Cards is now finished. The Pirate Game is now in full production process and the UAB project is stopped by the moment.

UAB Project:

Due to the facts I’ve commented in past entries, and the fact that all the members of the project are very busy with the degrees final project. This is being stopped. As I said on the beginning of my Creative Futures entries, this is a very huge project, so it’s going to be retaken in the future (near future, but maybe out of the creative futures dead line). We have to met with UAB people in order to plan the project for the near future.


Pirates Videogame:

This Thursday we have met (Sergi and I) with Premia people, in order to show them the final beta/demo version of the game. It’s been a long time without meeting, but we have lots of improvements.

They really like the demo, and they were quite amazed by the results. They have seen some improvements as the water marker, the lives marker, the animation when the cat gets hurts, all they have requested is working now.

They liked a lot the lever and the timer, they said is a very nice idea in order to improve the playability of the game. They also like the in game design of the level, the enemies, and the different objects. They really like how all mix together.

They commented us if we can modify the physics of the Cat, they thought that the Cat jumps too much high. They want a shorter and heavier jump. We we’ll improve that aspect.

They also commented us about the “stops” that all the platforms have. We have done that in order to make the enemies stay walking in one single platform. They told us that if we can solve that, it will be great, but it’s not something so bad. They proposed to make this “stops” to only affect the enemies and not the main character. We will work on that also.

They commented us that they have been reviewing the story and the level development. They want the game to be shorter. So we propose and arrive to this new structure:

  • 1rst level: 2 stages.
  • 2nd level: 2 stages.
  • 3rd level: 2 stages.
  • 4rth level: 1 boss.
  • 5th level: Final Boss.

The two bosses will have different physics. The first boss will consist in avoid the cannonballs he throw to you, and the second boss (and final boss) will be on melee mode.

We commented them that we have thought in a lot of different elements and new challenges like water moats, showers, water beams, etc. We want to put that new elements on the next levels, and they liked the idea. They thought it will give variety to the game.

For closing the meeting, they commented us that they are really happy with the results. We are quite busy with the other projects, so we didn’t specify a fixed day for the meeting. We agreed that we will met when we have the design and programming of the next levels done.

And here is the video of the demo/beta, with some of the designed enemies, the lever, and the new timer we designed in order to show the time you have before the door closes:


Creative Futures – Week VIII

6 04 2013

Working Hard

Well, past week we were on Easter holidays so I took a little break because from now on there’s going to be a lot of work to do for finishing the different projects.

3D Wedding Cards:

Well, as I said on previous posts, I’ve done a last work about the wedding cards. This time I’ve work in two different triptychs, one horizontal triptych, and one vertical triptych. As I said, I’ve developed a new list of prices, with different prices for each scene and  type of card. With this list, the negotiation was a whole better than the last time, and without  any  surprise. I learned that is very important to have planned this details in order to be prepared for any change or request. This time they only wanted the files, they don’t ask me about renders so I’ve done the modelings and scenes and I’ve delivered them the files. I’ve done one example render for each scene in order to let them know how the final result looks.

These are the new triptychs I’ve done, with watermarks and sample textures I’ve created specially to upload them to the blog:

Vertical Opened Triptych:


Vertical Closed Triptych:


Horizontal Opened Triptych:


Horizontal Closed Triptych:


And that’s the end of this project, they are very satisfied with the work and the results, they were in a little hurry for this second batch and I’ve done the work in a short time so they liked. They said that in the future they probably will contact with my, but by the time it’s all done.

That’s been a great experience, also because it has been my first 3D job paid. We have met several times, but the communication was always good, and I’ve understood quite well all the requests they have made to me. They been always available in order to attend my doubts about the design by e-mail, and they also made me a bunch of requests by e-mail. The use and the communication by the FTP to upload them the archives was also very effective. I had experience with FTP in the past so it wasn’t difficult to me.

I’ve been a little pushed about deadlines because I’ve stop doing all the other projects in order to accomplish the data for this work, because the other projects had distant deadlines. This has been a real professional project so accomplish the deadlines with good results is essential and very important because if you work well you have  a lot of possibilities of being contacted in the future for new batches of job. Also if you’ve done a good work they can recommend you to other enterprises or people in the field.

The most difficult part was the part of setting prices, and put a prices to your own work, is very difficult to value your work, you have to decide if charge per hour, per work, or per product. That’s why I made research throughout the web and asked to my teachers here in Spain. I suppose that this is a problem that normally people have in their first jobs, I hope that with some experience this will become easier. It’s difficult because you never know which problems the job is going to take.

But overall it has been a very enriching and good experience.


Pirates Videogame:

Due to Easter Holidays we have delayed the meeting with Premia people, also Sergi was working  on his Primaroca Project so the meeting finally will be next week, they have to confirm us if it’s going to be on Thursday or Wednesday.

I have been working on the enemies of the game, and I’ve done a whole bunch of animations based on the enemies I’ve designed and uploaded in older entries:

The Wolf Pirate:



The Frog Pirates:


Bad_guy_FROG4_WALK Bad_guy_FROG3_WALK Bad_guy_FROG2_WALK Bad_guy_FROG1_WALK

For this one I’ve done different versions with different colors. With all this versions we can repeat the enemy in the same stage several times and it will look great without feeling repetitive.

The Falcon Pirate:



The Pig Pirate:



The Monkey Pirate:



With all these enemies the demo will look amazing and varied. This week we will show them the demo, once they confirm us all is ok, we will go ahed with the rest of the levels of the game and designing the story scenes.