Keep Working

9 11 2012

Taking longer than expected

It’s been a bit since the last update, due to I’m very busy this days. I am working on the character designs, which is taking longer than I expected. Also I am researching and working on my Dissertation about the cel shading, which is making me think a lot on how I will combine 2D and 3D on my final project, what will be 2D and what will be 3D.
I’m doing tests and pondering that decision, because it will affect on how I will manage my time and tasks, so there are many issues involved.

Also I’m working on other different projects, and I just started a Cinema4D course in Barcelona, maybe it will be helpful for testing the performing of cel shading on different programs for my Dissertation, I have to investigate that.

Last september I bought a book specially to help me with the character and scenarios design on my final project. It has lots of useful information and it’s helping me a lot in this processes. The book is called “The Art of Tangled”:

Also I’m thinking on buying “The Art of Brave” because I’ve seen this movie and it has many things in common with my story, and it maybe will be helpful too.

I’m not uploading my characters designs until I have it fully created and decided, that’s because I’m doing so many discarded designs and I will fill the blog with a lot of stuff, it will be a waste of time, I prefer to upload it organized once it’s all done. As I said is taking me longer than I expected.

As I said above, I’m also thinking on what will be 2D and what will be 3D, so I’m doing some tests to ponder my decisions. I’ve done a rough 2D animation test of “Keira” the great sister, with her current design.

I’m considering different options such as doing the characters with 2D classic animation, with 3D cel shaded objects and scenarios. I will make a final decision once I finish the Dissertation, which will help me to decide finally.