Dissertation Proposal

2 10 2012

Cel Shading

This is a short brief of my Dissertation Proposal which is about the Cel Shading (also called toon shading) technique, this technique is used to give a “toon” and 2D aspect to 3D contents.

Realistic Render vs Cel Shading


And here is my Dissertation Proposal in PDF.

Project Management

1 10 2012

Planning and title

This month I’ve been working on the Project Brief for the Project Management module, and now, I have a detailed planning for the entire year of the Animated Short. I have to dedicate a lot of time to this project, because here in spain, the major project is this Animated short with all the research, and I have to document at least 600 hours of work.

Here is my project presentation in PPT, and the Project Brief in PDF. I have to announce that the animated short finally has a name: “Purple Eyes”.

And here is the Project Task Schedule, which is included in the Project Brief, this includes the timetable/periods planning, from the beginning to the delivery date:

1st month ‐ July 2012

  • 1st week:

– 1/2 Think on the story/Brainstorming.
– 1/2 Work on the characters and their interactions.

  • 2nd week: Write a complete storyline.
  • 3rd week: Create Storyboard (first version).
  • 4th week: Create the animatic (first version).

Holidays -­ August 2012 

Project Planning -­ September 2012 

2nd month -­ October 2012 

  • 1st week: Design the characters.
  • 2nd week: Design main scenarios.
  • 3rd & 4th week: Investigation of 2D‐3D techniques.

3rd moth -­ November 2012 

  • 1st week: Study a suitable graphic style.
  • 2nd weeks: Test the different techniques and researches.
  • 3rd & 4th week: Create the new and improved Storyboard.

4th month -­‐ December 2012 

  • 1st week: Create new and improved Animatic.
  • 2nd & 3rd & 4th week: Characters modeling.

5th month -­‐ January 2013 

  • 1st week: Characters modeling.
  • 2nd & 3rd week; Characters texturing.
  • 4th week: Characters Rigging.

6th month -­‐ February 2013 

  • 1st week: Characters Rigging.
  • 2nd & 3rd & 4th week: Scenario & objects modeling.

7th month -­‐ March 2013 

  • 1st week: Scenario & objects modeling.
  • 2nd & 3rd & 4th week: Scenario & objects texturing.

8th month -­‐ April 2013 

  • 1st & 2nd week: Music composing & search.
  • 3rd week:

– 1/2 Voice Recording.
– 1/2 Audio SFX production & search.

  • 4th week: 3D Montage of each scene.

9th month -­‐ May 2013

  • 1st week: 3D Montage of each scene.
  • 2nd week: Pre‐render each scene elements.
  • 4th week: Animation of pre‐rendered elements in 2D.

10th month -­‐ June 2013 

  • 1st & 2nd & 3rd week: Animation of pre-­‐rendered elements in 2D.
  • 4th week: Polish & supervise all the production material.

11th month -­‐ July 2013 

  • 1st & 2nd week: Video & Audio Montage.
  • 3rd week: Post‐production processes and FX video effects.
  • 4rth week:

– 1/2 Post-­‐production process and FX video effects.
– 1/2 Encoding and exporting.