Class Work – 13/07

19 07 2012

Paint Effects & Ncloth

Last Friday we practice Paint Effects and Ncloth. Paint Effects basically allows you to create things like hair, clouds, or different preset objects that Maya includes.

That’s a test frame of Paint Effects I’ve done:

I also practice and remeber how to do Ncloth, cause I will do clothes in my final project.

Ncloth example that I recorded:


Class Work – 11/07-12/07

19 07 2012

3D Rigging, Bones & Reverse Foot

Last week we learnt how to make a basic rigging, it’s like making a skeleton for our character’s. We create all the skeleton and use AK solvers to control the movements, we also use paint selection to avoid that some moves affects for example to deform of the head.

We also practice the reverse foot technique, which conists in create a separate foot in the reverse way of a normal foot, and allows you to move the character without going under the floor, basically.

There’s a video showing what I’ve done:

Class Work – 10/07

11 07 2012

Blend Shapes on Maya

Yesterday we learnt how to do blend shapes, blend shape is used for animating face expressions. First you do different face modelings, like smiling, sad, etc. And then you can combine them to create different expressions or lip sync movements.
There’s a video of what I’ve done:

Class Work – 4/07

4 07 2012

Flash Animation

Click here to view the SWF animation

This is the animation I’ve done today in class, I have to improve the character’s walk!