Creative Futures – Week IV

28 02 2013

Keep Working

Here is the progress of the week on the different projects:

UAB Project:

Things are progressing for UAB project: the editing of the pre-shoting is being reviewed and analyzed; Sergi has contacted and talked several times with the department and now we probably have some money to cover project costs; And the post production team (Aleix and me) are working on new scenes which has some effects involved. I thought that we will finish the first short film of the project for the creative futures deadline if we continue with this progresses.

Finally we have the nearly definitive design for the capsules (now we have to test how they look integrated in some scenes and show them in order to get the final confirmation), this is design:

Nearly Definitive Capsule

It’s a variation of one of the old presented designs.

Some days after, the post production team (Raul and me) have been started to work in how to apply some of the effects.

As I said we (Aleix and me) are working on a new scene. In that scene we want the actor to jump a big wall, he can do it but the wall is not big enough. We want to make it look bigger, so now we are working on increasing the height of the wall.

This is the original scene:

Original Wall

And this is the basic pre-composing that confirmed us it will be possible to achieve:

first pre-composing

My work was to make a detailed and more realistic version of this one, I’ve worked on different possibilities considering the action and the different shots of the scene. This is the Result:

Enhanced Wall

This is the first variation, in which I make the wall look more imposing and difficult to surpass:

Both sides alternative

And in this variation, I conserve the rail at the same time (because it really exists in the other shots), but it is the most difficult variation, because achieve a realistic look will be very hard comparing to the others:

Difficult variation

Now we have to investigate which of this versions is the best for the scene and the different shots of the action. We have to achieve a realistic look but it is also really important making the shot match with the other shots of the scene.


3D Wedding Cards:

After contacting them, they give me access to their enterprise personal FTP, and I have downloaded all the different design textures for the cards.

I have done a lot of renders with so many different pattern designs for the 3D models, and I uploaded them to their enterprise personal FTP. They really like the work and they ordered me another order.

I’m modeling some kind of Flyers, and I have to show them the results. Once they give me a confirmation about the 3D model, (and like in the other order) I will take the different textures of their FTP, and I will do the rendering of the new cards with the new respective textures. The studio for the new cards will be the same with the cloudy white texture.


Pirates Videogame:

The next meeting with Premia de Mar city Hall is the 4rth of March, but we actually have some progresses to show. Also we are working on other things for the meeting.

As they requested, I have worked on the design of new enemies, I think that now we have enough variety of animals for the band of pirates, but probably I will make another one for the next meeting.

This is the Pig and the Monkey, two of the new designed enemies:

New enemies

I have also worked on the definitive design for the Main Character, the Cat, this is the new design:

New Cat Design

I’m also working in the design of “Esther” and the definitive design of “Giant Martí”. I hope I’ll have them finished for the meeting.

I’ve been also advancing work working on the sprite of the Main Character, the game will have a minimalistic Retro-Pixel look. So I’ve designed the character basic sprite and walk animation with “pixel art” technique:

Stand Character:


I’ve done different versions, with large trousers, with socks, and with different eyes, here are the different versions:

Other Versions

I’ve also done the the walk cycle, here is the cycle for one of the versions:


And I’ve also done the walk cycle for him with the Water Gun, here are two different versions of the walk cycle with the gun:

Cat GunCat Gun 2

Sergi is going to upload in his blog a demonstration of the programing advances he has made, and a diagram of Game’s basic structure. In this entry of his blog you can find the diagram and the programing tests:

I’m working on one of the Pirate’s sprite for the meeting , and also on the design of a test level. Sergi is going to work on different aspects such as the life of the main character, and apply the different animations I’ve done. We are trying to have one “test” level finished nearby.


Animation Festival:

Finally we are going to Animac Festival in Lleida! Tomorrow is the day, I am going with Aleix, Sergi, and two other partners. We were very busy so it’s been very difficult to get a free day for attend the festival, I’m happy because finally we have arranged a day for attending.

Tomorrow will be the second day of the Festival. It’s the first time I’m going to a animation film festival so I’m very excited, there will be a lot of things to see and do.


There will be elevator speeches, workshops, meetings and projections. I am very interested also on see and investigate which are the most trending sectors for the animation in our country, Animation in Spain is living an excellent moment (with great production such as “Tadeo Jones”) so it will be great to know about the industry directly from people working in the animation sector.

I’m also very interested in obtaining information about the different animation schools and academies in my country.


Here are some short films that will be presented on the festival and I would like to see:

  • Mountain:
  • À la française:
  • Fuga:


There will be some Elevator Pitch presenting new projects tomorrow:

It will be great to see some people starting and this world and explaining their projects, new projects for the industry that maybe become famous.


There will be also a presentation about Mosaic Films, Andy Glyne will talk about the Studio and the tho BBC series Animated Minds and Seeking Refuge:


Breakfast with the Authors: I don’t know if we will arrive to this because it’s at 10:00h and tomorrow there are heavy rain alerts in Catalonia, and we live very far from Lledia, so maybe we can’t arrive to the lunch hour.


There will be also animated short for adults, this are the ones who I would like to see:

Nearly all the adult animated shorts seem very very interesting. We are investigating all the activities in order to decided what to see and what not. I think it’s going to be a great day.



Creative Futures – Week III

19 02 2013

Keep Working

Here is the progress of the week on the different projects:

UAB Project:

We have done the pre-filming last week, and now we have to work with this material in order to see the timings and create a definitive and more detailed shooting script based on the results of the old shooting script. We have also to plan in detail the camera shots where post production is needed (3D integration, mate-painting, etc)

Referring to the 3D aspect, I’ve been working on the back design of the energy capsules. I’ve done different versions in order to make a decision:







They are still deliberating which is the most appropriate design. Personally I prefer the “Old X Black” and the “Metal Plane” designs.

I’ve been also working on the energy stored inside the capsules, I’ve tried different methods to represent the energy.

First I tried using particles, but it results unpractical due to 3D technical aspects (the particle is to heavy in rendering, and is difficult to control them inside the ball) and the aspect it’s not perfect, it doesn’t looks like energy. Here is the result:

Particles Test

And a low quality video render:

Then I tried to recreate the energy with an unconnected polygon moving mass, the size and the properties vary so it looks like a plasma-energy mass restrained into the capsule.

This is the first version, in which the plasma polygons where more static, and the plasma exits the capsule in some moments:

In this improved version the polygons of the plasma vary their properties, and the plasma-energy is totally restrained into the capsule without trespassing:

This is nearly the most definitive version of how energy will look like. The next thing I have to do is combine this results with the chosen back design of the capsule, and then with all integrated, ask for feedback to give the final OK.

We are now working in some scenes of the first pre-filming, which need some post-production.


3D Wedding Cards:

Now I have:


General Shot – Front View – Open Card
General Shot – Back View – Closed Card
Closed Detail Shot – Open Card + Front Closed Card

I have shown them the stronger aspect cards, and they liked. They told me to modify one of the views of the cards (General Shot – Front View – Open Card), they want the card a bit closed, because it looks unreal standing opened in that way.

They have chosen the cloudy white texture for the studio between the different possibilities I offer to them. Now I’m contacting with them to get the different textures for each card that I will render.

As I always say about this particular job/project: I’m not uploading all the information and images to this blog due to privacy, I will include this information in the document version of Creative Futures which I will send directly to my teachers for the accorded deadline.


Pirates Videogame:

Last Thursday, we have met (Sergi Petit and I) with Premia de Mar city Hall to talk more about the project.

For this meeting, I’ve done different designs based on the requests they made to us, based on animal characters:

Pirates Premia Game - First Designs

(Click for larger version)

We let them choose one design for the protagonist and one for pirates. For the main character, they have chosen the third in the first row, the “Neutral Cat”. Referring to pirates, they told us that it will be great to have different animals representing different the pirates, not only one type of animal. They liked Pirate Omar’s design. They proposed that some pirates could have a pegleg, it’s a great idea, I have totally forgotten this aspect when designing the characters and it could work so well.

We showed them the first playable demo, which Sergi Petit will upload on his blog, because he is doing the programming part of the game. They have some advices and proposals for the gaming part, but generally they liked how it’s evolving. Sergi commented to them that the water gun and the ability to shot will be not available from the beginning, also they told us that it will be interesting to make the water consumed when you shot, so you have to look for water and reload the water gun, this will emphasize the exploration part of the game.

We also have thought about the story of the game, based on the legend. We didn’t have clear the end of the story, but they helped us with our doubts and we have arrived to a proper ending that they have finally liked and approved.


You, the Main character, are a friend of “Giant Marti” and a villager of “Premia de Mar”.

The Game Story starts with the beginning of the legend, “Giant Marti” is going to get married with “Esther” but when they are in the middle of the ceremony, the Pirates appear taking over the city.

Pirate Omar appears knocking out Giant Martí and kidnap Esther with you and some villagers. They take you and the other prisoners to ship’s hold. Now you have to scape through all the pirate ship to escape from the pirates.

Meanwhile the pirates have taken the city, and burn the Town Hall. Villagers are resisting grouped into one singled street called “Sant Antoni”.

You manage to scape beating all the pirates of the ship, and then you and the other prisoners (including Esther) arrive to the city.

Then you see a lot of pirates going down the city, they are being kicked out of the city by the resistance of villagers. Then, you face Pirate Omar, he says to you that maybe they have recovered the city, but he is going to kidnap Esther and scape.

Then you have to beat Pirate Omar, when you are nearly defeated, Giant Marti appears and finish Pirate Omar, saving Esther and kicking of the pirates from the city definitely.

With all in peace, they celebrate the weeding between Giant marti and Esther, and then the game ends.


We have proposed that the final battle of the game can be a “fake battle” where you always lose and Giant Marti appears to save the situation.

For next meeting we have to work on the definitive design of the main character; do more pirate designs including more animals; work on the programming changes and proposals; and make a diagram integrating the game story into the level design and gameplay.


Animation Festival:

We are now focusing on “Animac” Festival, it’s a catalan festival which takes place in Lleida, from 28 of February until the 3rd of March.

Here is festival’s web site:

We are planning the travel because it would be great to attend this festival and include the experience in our Creative Futures.


Working on Scene Design

14 02 2013

Researching Architecture

These weeks I’m working on the scenario designing for my Final Project Animated short. I’m using my imagination, but sometimes it’s not enough and I have to look for references.

Now specially I’m searching references for designing the King’s Castle from outside. It’s a very complicated part so I want to make it look fantastic and magical, but  with realistic basis.

After a lots of research, these are the Castles that I like the most for inspiring my Castle design.

Neuschwanstein Castle, is a 19th-century Romanesque palace located in Bavaria, Germany.

Neuschawnstein Castle

I like this castle due to his shapes, roofs and towers, it’s like Disney castles, and looks fanciful.

Mont Saint-Michel Castle, is a rocky tidal island, located in Normandy, France. The castle and the village are sited into the island. It seems to be the castle which inspired Disney’s Tangled creators. I’ve researched about it and effectively they were inspired by this castle/island.

Mont Saint Michel

This castle seems taken out of a fairy tale, I like the shape of the walls and the island. It has trees and vegetation, so it looks lively compared to other antique castles.

The Château de Chambord, is located in the Loire Valley, in France. It is famous for blend traditional french medieval forms with classical Renaissance structures.

Chateau de Chambord

Maybe this is the less magic-looking castle of the ones that I chosen, but I like the shapes and the fact that is really majestic.

The Hohenzollern Castle is a castle about 50 kilometers, located in Stuttgart, Germany.

Burg Hohenzollern

I like the roofs and the shapes with a lot of towers. What I like the most of the castle is the place where is located, at the top of the mountain rounded by forests.

All the castles are kind of similar, and I want to use them as a reference for creating the Castle of my animated Short.


This is the list of  main Scenarios that I’m designing and I have to design:

1. Castle Library.
2. Castle corridors.
3. Throne room.
4. The Castle
5. Cave’s acces (with castle at background).
6. The Cave -> Past version + Present version.
7. Forests.
8. Keira and Kaylee’s House.
9. High Mountains + Purple mineral mine.
10. The Kingdom general scene (mountains + Forests).
11. Mountain’s path to the Castle.
12. Castle’s outskirts.
13. Behind the Castle.
14. Inside the Castle -> Courtyard
15. Tower room.

I have done the three first drawings/designs and now I’m working on the Castle design. I’m working at rapid pace because I want to finish my pre-production by the end of February. But there are a lot of projects to do so I don’t know if I will finish it by february, I’ll do my best.

Castle Library Preivew

Castle Library Drawing – Preview

Creative Futures – Week II

12 02 2013

Keep Working

Here is the progress of the week on the different projects. I want to clarify that contents that I post here are just a kind of Journal of the progress on the different projects. I’m writting the complete information about the projects in the document version of Creative Futures which I deliver to my tutors/teachers for the project deadline.

UAB Project:

We have been working a lot on the first short Story Board last week, because this week we are going to make a pre-filming to calculate timing and see how all works together.

We have contacted with UAB teachers of the department and they approved all the progresses we have made. We’ve done castings and we have already our main actor chosen. We have a lot of work done referring to the pre-rpoduction because these project started some months ago. According to the artistic and graphic aspects in the short, we have to do some kind of 3D energy capsules. We have worked on the design of these capsules and now it’s almost definitive.

At the beginning the capsule design was spherical and glass made. Aleix Mayor have worked digitalizing this first “sphere” shaped design of the capsule. But we have decided that the “spherical” aspect look false and unreal. So I have worked on another design, I tried to made the capsule with a more technological look and less magical. To make more realistic design I’ve changed the perfect sphere shape of the first design.

This is the new design of the capsule, there is a LED at the top which indicates if the capsule is empty or full. The energy is contained in the central part:

New capsule Design

I’ve also made the 3D version, here is a video showing it:

I’ve received feedback about the new design of capsule and all looks great for them; but they don’t like the bottom part of the capsule (the X form with light), so I’m working on simplifying that part.

Here is a detail of LED in green; capsule full of energy:


And here is a detail with the LED in red; empty capsule:

RED LED - Empty

Aleix Mayor have also worked digitalizing the inside energy. He tried to do the energy with kind of 3D smoke, but we have decided that it doesn’t look like energy, so I am working now on how the energy is and how it moves inside the capsule.


3D Wedding Cards:

I’ve done the first 3D modeling of the cards based on the views they requested me. I’ve shown them the results and they like the aspect, but they want the cards a bit thicker, because they look weak in my modelings, so I’m now working on giving to the cards a stronger aspect.

I’m also working on different kind of textures for the “studio” where the cards will stay, I’m preparing different versions with slightly different tones and textures to make them decide which one feels the best.

I have also talked about prices with them in my last meeting, I will include this information in the document version of Creative Futures.


Pirates Videogame:

We have met (Sergi Petit and I) with Premia de Mar city Hall to talk more about the project. Basing on the Legend, we proposed to make a platform game. We think is perfect because It’s a game genere that we can achieve with our actual knowledge of programing, and it’s funny to play. They agree with the typology of the game, because they don’t want a “point and click” didactic game.

In the game, the Pirates will kidnap some Villagers. Our main character will be one of those villagers, and his goal is to scape and save all the prisoners. They talked us about the different characters and situations of the legend, and they want us to use and adapt these characters to the game for the next meeting.

One of the Festival traditions in Premia is to make a big war with water guns between pirates and villagers, so we have thought about the idea of equip Pirates of the game with water guns instead of real weapons. They really liked this idea, because is a game addressed to children so real guns are not appropriate.

When we were commenting about people and pirates, they told us the possibility of make Animals instead of People, like in Children fables, in which appear humanized animals representing people. They told us that telling the story with animals will be more attractive to kids.

So for next meeting: we have to do some designs and purposes about the “animal” characters; think about the legend and his characters applied to the game; and do some programing tests to show them the basics of the game.


Animation Festival:

Now we are looking for near festivals, because we have a lot of work and projects, and we can’t go so far to attend animation festivals.


Creative Futures

4 02 2013

Different Projects

Here I’m going to explain and show all the projects I have for the Creative Futures module. I didn’t post this earlier because I wasn’t sure about some of them, but now all is clear so here is a list:

UAB Project:

This is an Audiovisual Project that UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona) has requested to us. It is a project managed by the physics department of UAB, and they have contacted us, Red Frog Animation, to make the audio visual part of the Project.

The Project consists in different science fiction shorts, which will include some physic elements involving energy. Each of this shorts will refer to different physic problems that will explain what and how things happened.

Our job is to do this science fiction shorts, which combined will make a full story. The main character of the story will have to overcome various obstacles saving energy.

This is a very large Project that involves a lot of people and a lot of time, it has started some months ago and it is going to be finished next year approximately, so it will not cover the entire Creative Futures. But is a professional project that I’m doing and I want to include even though it won’t be finished for the Creative Futures term.

In this Project I’m working with Sergi Petit and Aleix Mayor. I am the Art Director of the Project, and I also different stuff because is a big project.


3D Wedding Cards:

This is more a Job rather than a full Project. An enterprise of my city were looking for a 3D designer, so I got in touch with them. They want to make some 3D wedding cards for their website. They were searching for someone who can make this and after a first meeting with them, they ordered me to do some work. I’m not going to talk about this in the blog because of privacy, I’ll will explain all the details in the written version of the Project, with descriptions of all the meetings and processes. Now, I am working on the first versions of the cards which I have to show to them for feedback.

This will be an important part of my Creative Futures because it will be finished according to the term.


Pirates Videogame:

This was recently confirmed. A teacher of our University told us that some people of “Premia de Mar” town hall where looking for people to do an audio visual project related with their city festival. They want to make a VideoGame based on the legend of their Festival, to make kids play at schools. The game hasn’t to be didactic, but it has to include the Legend of the city.

The Legend and the Festival is about Pirates, so it’s going to be a game with pirates. This is a Project which I share with Sergi Petit, he is going to do the Programming part and I’m going to do the Graphic part. We think that they’re both two roles very separated and this project is perfect for our Creative Futures.

We have a meeting on Wednesday to show them our first ideas about the Videogame. We are now documenting about the legend and the festival to make a pre-design of the Game.


Animation Festival:

We (me and other classmates) are planning to go to an animation festival to learn more about the professional work and the future of animation, so we are planning to go to some festival.


And this is all by now. The most important projects, which will be a very important part of my Creative Futures, are the Pirates Videogame and the 3D Weeding Cards. They are both two projects that I will finish for the Creative Futures term, and they are different and complete.

The Pirates Videogame project, is a full entire project, which we will do under the orders and the supervision of other people. And the 3D Weeding Cards is a real full professional project, because I have a boss and I will receive money for the work.

The UAB Project is very important but it is very large, so it won’t be finished for the Creative Futures term, so I will document our processes until the finishing date of Creative Futures.