Project Finished!

26 07 2013


Here is the link to my final project, ready for the assessment!:


Planning for this month

2 07 2013


This is what I expect to do this month in Wales:

  • First Week: Finish al 3D scenarios.
  • Second Week: Paint the characters with volume and shade, and integrate them into each scene (now the color is flat).
  • Third Week: The same as above.
  • Last Week: Research and do the audio of the short.

I haven’t got to much 3D rendering to do so I will render during the progress, I don’t need specific week for rendering.

Working here in Wales is going to decrease the quality of the project, in Spain I had several computers which are enough powerful to handle the project, also I had big screens to work properly.¬†Here the computers are not enough powerful and almost all the time I have to work with my laptop, which isn’t powerful and has small screen and resolution.

I was working to much comfortably and flawlessly in Spain, but here no.

Definitely these aren’t the conditions to handle a project of this magnitude. I will try to do my best with the tools I have here.