Dissertation Completed

10 12 2012

Back to Pre-Production

Well, I finished my Dissertation and now it’s time to return working on pre-production. I have to work hard because I want to finish the pre-production for the end of December. 

I have to finish Character final designs, which is almost done, remake the original story-board/animatic with the final shots I want to achieve, and do some graphical tests to see how will look the end visual style which I already decided on my Dissertation.

Here I upload my Dissertation, I’m very proud with the results. Not only for the depth knowledge I have acquired about Cel Shading technique drawing on my own conclusions, but also for developing a guide of how Cel Shading is and works, how it behaves and how should be used, both on practical and theoretical aspects.

Dissertation: The Cel Shading Technique – Raul Reyes


Dissertation nearly finished

6 12 2012

Last tests

I’m doing my last Cel Shading tests to finish my Dissertation and polishing it. Once I finish my Dissertation, I will continue with the last aspects of the Final Project’s pre-production, with the visual style defined thanks to the Dissertation.

Due to the fact that I’ve been very busy, my time dedicated to the Project in the past month has been focused exclusively on the Dissertation, so I postponed the work I was doing until I finish the Dissertation.