Creative Futures – Week XIII

12 05 2013

Last entry of Creative Futures

The last of the projects has ended:

Pirates Videogame:

As I said past week there’s only some last few things they have requested to us. And now all is finished. This Friday Sergi and I had the last meeting with them, we shown them the full game joined together with continuity. They love it. All was confirmed so now all joined is obviously great for them.

Here is the complete Game Play in HD. This is the one which corresponds to the Easy Mode:

And this is the complete Game Play in HD, which corresponds to the Hard Mode:

(as we are not doing the music of the game, I’ve selected some songs I like from different games in order to make the game play more entertaining)

As we said on past entries, the hard mode consists in less time to complete the levels, it is really hard to beat, we have a lot of practice but it’s not that easy!

As we said on the last entry, they told us that they have contacted with a Graphic Illustrator, who is going to make the drawings of the game for them (cinematics, scenes of the game, etc). In this last meeting we have talked with this Graphic Illustrator, we have share with her all the designs, all the information, and all the data. She was already informed of a lot of aspects of the project, so all the process was clear. They are contacting with the person who is going to do the audio, so he wasn’t in the meeting. All the designs of the characters and the game are spread through all the entires of the Creative Futures.

Here is the new storyline and the new game scheme, adapted to the actual structure of the level and rewritten. And here is also the Storyboard, the order is indicated in the documents:



We have also talked about the whole project, closing all the aspects. It is not planned to be finished since so far. Once they have all the material, they will search how to apply the project and how to execute, so it is very far to it’s conclusion. But our work in it is now completely finished! We are obviously open for any request or doubt they could have in future. But our work is done!

With this, all the projects of my Creative Futures are closed/finished! I will do an entry in a few days in order to summarize and close the Creative Futures project.





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13 05 2013
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18 05 2013

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