Creative Futures – Week XII

4 05 2013

Nearing the end

The last of the projects is coming to the end:

Pirates Videogame:

This week Sergi and I have met with Premia People, in order to show them the big progresses we have done in last weeks. We showed them all the levels of the game, with the design and everything. They liked all the levels, the structure an design, the different obstacles, etc. We showed them they new jump, and they liked. We’ve had to restructure some parts of the levels in order to make the character able to complete the levels.

We showed them also the last level with the boss, and they also liked. After testing the boss, they told us that is not necessary to include a second boss, with this is ok, they thought that the length of the game is perfect now, no need of more levels or bosses.

This is the design and structure of the boss stage. You have to activate the first lever in order to make the second lever functionally. With the second lever you have to shot the boss, you need to hit the boss three times in order to beat him.


Also, you have to avoid the water shots that appear from the cannons at the right of the screen. This is the cannon design and the pirate flag:


This is the water bomb of the cannons:


This is the new lever that allow you to shot a water bomb into the boss. You have to calculate when to activate it beacause the boss is in constantly movement!


Also, on this meeting, they told us some news. They have contacted with a Graphic Illustrator, who is going to make the drawings of the game for them (cinematics, scenes of the game, etc). We are not Illustrators so I understand the decision. Also, their aim is to make the project created by several persons. They’re also contacting with another person for doing the music of the game.

So in other words, they told us that for now all we can do for this project is done. But they asked us for two different last things. For next week, they want:

  • The game with continuity, all the phases of the game joined.
  • The last story board we did, but adapted to the current levels of the game.

So we have a meeting next week in order to finish and show them this two last things they’ve asked us. After this, all our job in the project will be done!





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5 05 2013
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