Creative Futures – Week XI

27 04 2013

Keep working

Here is the progress of the week on the different projects:

Pirates Videogame:

This week we’ve been doing lots of testing with the different levels of the game. We played and re-played each level in order to see that all works ok. We also started to develop the hard mode of the game. In this hard mode, you have less time to beat the level. We want to create a challenge, this hard mode is addressed to people that plays games usually.

We have done lots of tests in order to adjust the time for each level, in this mode we want to make each level difficult to beat. So this week I haven’t so much material to show, because nearly all the improvements we’ve done are about playability.

I have also designed the 4rth level, we are still working on the moving platform, but I’ve done the design anyway.


We have modified the Jump of the character also, after lots of researching, Sergi managed to apply the jump animation. Also now the jump is limited, if you fall of a platform, you can’t jump until you hit the floor. We’ve also added a new feature, when you jump, if you push the down key,  you can increase the falling speed of the character, this is a feature for experienced players, and you have to use it in some areas of the hard mode if you want to beat the game. Here is a little video I’ve done showing all the improvements in jumping:

As you can see, this is a part of the 2nd level in hard mode. You have only 8 seconds to enter the door. It’s difficult, but it’s possible. As I said, you have to press the down key in order to fall rapidly and beat the level.

We are now working on the first boss battle level, it’s almost finished, but we still have to do some arrangements.





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