Creative Futures – Week X

20 04 2013

Working Hard

This week I’ve been working hard to finish and improve some aspects of the Pirates Videogame.

Pirates Videogame:

We’ve been designing the different levels of the game. Sergi had assembled the levels with the platforms and everything, and I’ve done the designing.  I’ve also done some improvements in the two final levels, and I’ve tested that all the platforms works fine, sometimes the main character gets stuck into the floor, and that is due the assembling of the platforms. I’ve solved those errors but we have to work more on the platform assembling in order to get the level work perfectly.

Sergi had programmed some showers, and I’ve improved them changing the timing and adding the animation. Here is some caps of the different levels. Level 4 is not present because we have some problems with a moving platform, and I’m not designing it until it work ok.

We have changed the jumping of the main character, so we had to re-design all the levels we have in order to make him reach the platforms (now he jumps less high).

You start at the bottom of the boat, on the darkest rooms:

Level 1:


Level 2:

Level 2_cap

Level 3:

In this stage you can found some standing water, if you fall into the water you loose one life.


As you can see, as you advance through the levels, you go up in the boat, so the stages become clearer and cleaner.

Level 4: The 4rth level is under construction.

Level 5:

In this level you can see the water showers, if you touch the water you loose one life (yes, in this game water kills you).


Level 6:


And that’s all by now.

Here is the shower animation. The animation consist in two different frames of water, in each position the frame is altering (1 -2 – 1 – 2) and falling down. Here are the two frames that form the animation:


And here is the animation itself:


I’ve also done the bottom part, where the water splashes (it also kills you), it consist in two frames:


I’ve designed also the water supplier, with the copper esthetic of all the mechanical elements of the game:

duchasurtidor copy

And this is how all fits together:


I’ve made a video to show the showers in movement:

We are working now on level 4, and  on polishing the level structure and designing. Soon we will start to develop the different scenes and intro. We have also to work on the two different bosses of the game.





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