Creative Futures – Week IX

13 04 2013


Finally many of the projects are coming to their end. I have gone to the “Animac” Animation Festival, and the work with the wedding Cards is now finished. The Pirate Game is now in full production process and the UAB project is stopped by the moment.

UAB Project:

Due to the facts I’ve commented in past entries, and the fact that all the members of the project are very busy with the degrees final project. This is being stopped. As I said on the beginning of my Creative Futures entries, this is a very huge project, so it’s going to be retaken in the future (near future, but maybe out of the creative futures dead line). We have to met with UAB people in order to plan the project for the near future.


Pirates Videogame:

This Thursday we have met (Sergi and I) with Premia people, in order to show them the final beta/demo version of the game. It’s been a long time without meeting, but we have lots of improvements.

They really like the demo, and they were quite amazed by the results. They have seen some improvements as the water marker, the lives marker, the animation when the cat gets hurts, all they have requested is working now.

They liked a lot the lever and the timer, they said is a very nice idea in order to improve the playability of the game. They also like the in game design of the level, the enemies, and the different objects. They really like how all mix together.

They commented us if we can modify the physics of the Cat, they thought that the Cat jumps too much high. They want a shorter and heavier jump. We we’ll improve that aspect.

They also commented us about the “stops” that all the platforms have. We have done that in order to make the enemies stay walking in one single platform. They told us that if we can solve that, it will be great, but it’s not something so bad. They proposed to make this “stops” to only affect the enemies and not the main character. We will work on that also.

They commented us that they have been reviewing the story and the level development. They want the game to be shorter. So we propose and arrive to this new structure:

  • 1rst level: 2 stages.
  • 2nd level: 2 stages.
  • 3rd level: 2 stages.
  • 4rth level: 1 boss.
  • 5th level: Final Boss.

The two bosses will have different physics. The first boss will consist in avoid the cannonballs he throw to you, and the second boss (and final boss) will be on melee mode.

We commented them that we have thought in a lot of different elements and new challenges like water moats, showers, water beams, etc. We want to put that new elements on the next levels, and they liked the idea. They thought it will give variety to the game.

For closing the meeting, they commented us that they are really happy with the results. We are quite busy with the other projects, so we didn’t specify a fixed day for the meeting. We agreed that we will met when we have the design and programming of the next levels done.

And here is the video of the demo/beta, with some of the designed enemies, the lever, and the new timer we designed in order to show the time you have before the door closes:





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