Castle Library 3D Modeling

13 04 2013

Enjoying the process

This past weeks I’ve been modeling some stuff (scenario + character) for doing the first animation tests. Modeling the scenes it’s being easy as modeling characters, because there’s only few things I have to research and learn.

I’ve been modeling the first scenario, “Castle Library”, with all the objects and furniture. Although it’s not the final definitive version, it’s quite definitive.


Here is the Library with a clear lighting:


And here are some detail renders of the most elaborate elements I’ve been modeling:

The stool:


The furniture with the old past king I’ve designed (is the grandpa of Prince Ewan, and the father of the actual King).


The table:


The cupboard:


The shelf:


The bookshelves:

Estante Libros3

The chest:


The closet:


Various table objects:

table objects

All the objects are texture with the “Art/Artistic Shader” I analyzed on my Dissertation, I thought is perfect for the pictorial result I’m looking for my short style. I’ve painted so many textures, here are some examples:

greeenvase wood_dark texturetaburet

I’ve also done some specific textures in order to decorate different elements (the cupboard, the vase) Here is one example:



With this I will do some animation tests in order to define how will be the final look and style of my short. Then, I will continue modeling the rest of the short scenes.




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