Creative Futures – Week VIII

6 04 2013

Working Hard

Well, past week we were on Easter holidays so I took a little break because from now on there’s going to be a lot of work to do for finishing the different projects.

3D Wedding Cards:

Well, as I said on previous posts, I’ve done a last work about the wedding cards. This time I’ve work in two different triptychs, one horizontal triptych, and one vertical triptych. As I said, I’ve developed a new list of prices, with different prices for each scene and  type of card. With this list, the negotiation was a whole better than the last time, and without  any  surprise. I learned that is very important to have planned this details in order to be prepared for any change or request. This time they only wanted the files, they don’t ask me about renders so I’ve done the modelings and scenes and I’ve delivered them the files. I’ve done one example render for each scene in order to let them know how the final result looks.

These are the new triptychs I’ve done, with watermarks and sample textures I’ve created specially to upload them to the blog:

Vertical Opened Triptych:


Vertical Closed Triptych:


Horizontal Opened Triptych:


Horizontal Closed Triptych:


And that’s the end of this project, they are very satisfied with the work and the results, they were in a little hurry for this second batch and I’ve done the work in a short time so they liked. They said that in the future they probably will contact with my, but by the time it’s all done.

That’s been a great experience, also because it has been my first 3D job paid. We have met several times, but the communication was always good, and I’ve understood quite well all the requests they have made to me. They been always available in order to attend my doubts about the design by e-mail, and they also made me a bunch of requests by e-mail. The use and the communication by the FTP to upload them the archives was also very effective. I had experience with FTP in the past so it wasn’t difficult to me.

I’ve been a little pushed about deadlines because I’ve stop doing all the other projects in order to accomplish the data for this work, because the other projects had distant deadlines. This has been a real professional project so accomplish the deadlines with good results is essential and very important because if you work well you have  a lot of possibilities of being contacted in the future for new batches of job. Also if you’ve done a good work they can recommend you to other enterprises or people in the field.

The most difficult part was the part of setting prices, and put a prices to your own work, is very difficult to value your work, you have to decide if charge per hour, per work, or per product. That’s why I made research throughout the web and asked to my teachers here in Spain. I suppose that this is a problem that normally people have in their first jobs, I hope that with some experience this will become easier. It’s difficult because you never know which problems the job is going to take.

But overall it has been a very enriching and good experience.


Pirates Videogame:

Due to Easter Holidays we have delayed the meeting with Premia people, also Sergi was working  on his Primaroca Project so the meeting finally will be next week, they have to confirm us if it’s going to be on Thursday or Wednesday.

I have been working on the enemies of the game, and I’ve done a whole bunch of animations based on the enemies I’ve designed and uploaded in older entries:

The Wolf Pirate:



The Frog Pirates:


Bad_guy_FROG4_WALK Bad_guy_FROG3_WALK Bad_guy_FROG2_WALK Bad_guy_FROG1_WALK

For this one I’ve done different versions with different colors. With all this versions we can repeat the enemy in the same stage several times and it will look great without feeling repetitive.

The Falcon Pirate:



The Pig Pirate:



The Monkey Pirate:



With all these enemies the demo will look amazing and varied. This week we will show them the demo, once they confirm us all is ok, we will go ahed with the rest of the levels of the game and designing the story scenes.





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