Creative Futures – Week VII

23 03 2013

Keep Busy

Some of the projects are finishing, other are in evolution process. Here is the progress of the week on the different projects:

UAB Project:

The UAB project is still in change process. Sharing a whole heavy project like this with another production team requires a great effort on rearranging the workflow and arrange with the other team. Also is a great effort to let them know all the details of the whole project to make sure they are entirely updated. This is taking some time, so for now I have no advances on the project itself.


3D Wedding Cards:

After the first work finished, they were really satisfied of the work and the results. Now, they have contacted me for another batch of Job. There will be two new cards. As I have learnt from the other past Job, a list of prices is very important. So I’m developing a table of prices in order to get a better organization.

As I said, with more or less fixed prices, they also will know what to ask me and what not, with a based idea of how is going to cost.


Pirates Videogame:

This is finally getting solid, this week I’ve been updating and perfecting the first scenario for the demo/beta version.

As I said, this demo will be a demonstration of how the game will be in order to see graphic style and playability. Once they give us the ok of the demo, we can go ahead with the rest of the game.

I have been working on improving a lot of little details of the scenario I showed here last week. I started doing all the in game objects that appears in this first screen.

At the beginning, all I was designing for the scenario had black borders. But when I was designing some of the in game objects, I realized that I have designed the Main Character without black borders. So for a better integration and consistent graphic style, I start re-designing the things without the Black border, and the result was really great.

This is the water bottle, when you take one of this, your water gun reloads with 3 water shots. This is the first version I’ve done before the re-designing, with black borders:


And here is the definitive version, after the re-desinging. All is looking better without black borders:


Sergi and I were thinking on a way of making the level a bit harder. Sergi had created a “Key” object, which was necessary to get in order to open the door and beat the level. But after testing that possibility (it was working really well) I get a new idea!

It will be great to have a Switch which you have to activate in order to unlock the door and beat the level. Also it will be great to make the switch have a timer in order to make the level exciting.

So then Sergi had started to program this “switch” and I started to design the switch.

Here is the first design of the switch with black borders, in both positions:


At the beginning the switch was like silver metal, and with a thin line specifying in which position the switch is with a red and green color. But after integrating the element into the scene I realized that it wasn’t matching with the esthetic of the game. So I’ve tried to color the switch with a copper color, giving to the swtich an steampunk style, which is looking better with the game esthetic.

Here is the switch with the copper color, also I’ve updated the thin line into something more visible. Because the sprite is so small and in the game it was difficult to see the detail with only a thin line.

palanca_red_updated copy

And finally, here is the switch design after the redesigning, without black borders. Also I added an animation in order to make the game look alive:

On Green Version:


Off Red Version:


Now the door, is a sliding automatic door. When you turn on the switch, the door slides down. Here is the new door, witch matches with the copper color of the switch:


And here is the door, after the re-designing, with no black borders, and also I’ve added a mounting into the wood:


Also I’ve designed the lives of the Cat in the Marker, you start with 3 lives:


And I’ve designed the water shots/reloads for the marker. Every water bottle gives you 3 of this and you can accumulate them:


And here is a provisional design for the “water shot” it’s provisional because we have to test how it works with the Gun walk animation, so probably it will change:


Also I have updated a lot of the elements in the background. When looking and analyzing the first version of the background, we thought that the wall at the background looks like a stone brick wall, and it have to look as a wooden wall because they are inside a boat. So I made a lot of changes in the background. Also I removed all the Black borders of the background elements.

Also, we were talking about the lighting of the level. It looks so dark, and we arrived to the conclusion of adding some windows. I’ve designed some windows, and I’ve also put a background of the sea. The background moves, so it looks like the room is really inside a boat.

This is how the Game looked on the previous design of past week:


And this is how it looks now, with no black borders at all, redesigned platforms and background, the new windows, new door and open system, and with all the objects integrated:


About the programing part, Sergi had resolved some bugs we had with the platforms, and he is now working on integrate some of the new animations of the Cat in order to make all work perfectly, here you can found the advances in programing. He has also made some videos showing the different problems and results:

Now I’m working on the enemies design, we need at least one enemy to this beta/demo. So I’ll keep working in the different aspects for the demo version.

I’ve recorded and uploaded a Gameplay Video in order to show all the improvements in movement applied to the game:





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