Scene Design

19 03 2013

Description, Data and Designs

Finally I finished all the Scenario Designs, it has been a really tough work, because designing and drawing scenarios is not my best and it’s quite difficult to me. At the end I had to work at a fast pace to complete all the designs because I was dedicating more time than I expected. Doing the scene designs has helped me a lot to structure the world and the events of the short. Now I have all structured and all the designs ready to do the 3D models!


Here is the content of every Scene Design Sheet (with little variations in some of the Scenes):

1. Description & Data
1.1. Scale
1.2. Additional Information
2. Scene Design
2.1. Final Design

When doing the designs of the different scenarios, I realized that it was necessary to situate the different locations, in order to make a logical development of the plot. If I know where the different locations are, I can tell in which direction is going every character, and how long takes to him arrive from a place to another.

That’s why I’ve created the Kingdom Atlas, a map of the different locations that appears in the short. Also I added some locations that aren’t visible in the short, making the world consistent.


Here is a list of the final scenarios:

  • 00_Kingdom Atlas
  • 00a_Kingdom Map
  • 01_Castle Library
  • 02_Castle Corridors
  • 03_Throne Room
  • 04_The Castle
  • 04a_Castle Courtyard
  • 04b_Behind The Castle
  • 05_Cave Access
  • 06_Knight’s Cave
  • 07_Keira & Kaylee House
  • 08_Mountain Path + Purple Mineral Mines
  • 09_ High Mountain Views
  • 10_Castle Path
  • 11_Castle Outskirts
  • 12_Tower Room


Here are the different PDF files download links of each Scenario Sheet, with designs, data and descriptions:


Now I’m working on create a full scene of the short, in order to see how will look the final production. If it works, I will do the complete layout of the short, and I will start modeling the rest of the short elements.




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