Creative Futures – Week VI

17 03 2013

Very Busy

This has been a very busy week. Like past week, I have focused on the Final Project. Also, I had to do lots of other stuff so I had to work a lot of extra hours in order to accomplish the results planned for the week. But I’m happy because finally I am showing here in the blog all the results of all the Creative Future works I’m doing! (at the beginning, as I said sometimes, I wasn’t showing the results of the Wedding Cards designs).

UAB Project:

The UAB project is in change process. We are collaborating with another production team, named Kourou. Since now they were only helping with the filming. But now they’re going to work also searching for the locations and preparing the storyboard and the technique scripts. So now we are rearranging the workflow of the production and planing the filming for the next month. This is taking some time, so for now I have no advances on the project itself.

We hope next week the new workflow will be implemented and we can continue working, with better results.


3D Wedding Cards:

Finally I can show you the results of the work I’ve been doing on the Wedding Cards! I added a custom sample textures (created specially for showing them here at the creative futures blog!), and a watermark. Now I can show you how it looks without any problems!

These are the first versions I did. As I commented, they were too thin, so they make me change them into something with a most strong-looking. Besides many other little changes they requested me I’ve already commented.

Thin_D Thin_G

Here I’m going to show you the definitive cards:

Diptic: General Shot – Front View – Open Card


Diptic: General Shot – Back View – Closed Card

Diptic: Closed Detail Shot – Open Card + Front Closed Card


And now, the “flyers”:

Front View – General Shot:


Back View – General Shot:


Detail Shot – Both Back and Front:


Finally, a different type of Flyer:


As I commented in older entries, I’ve also done a lot of renders with the different designs of the cards in addition to the 3D modeling. I’m happy because finally I am showing here in the blog all the things I’m doing!


Pirates Videogame:

We are working on the different aspects which will include the playable demo of the test level we are developing now. As I said, this demo will be a demonstration of how the game will be in order to graphic style and playability. Once they give us the ok of the demo, we can go ahead with the rest of the game.

I have been working on the lacking animations of the main character. Here is the jump sprite.

With Gun:


And without Gun:


I’ve done also the animation for the main character when it’s not moving, the stand animation. It consists on 3 basic animation combined:

  1. Warm Up
  2. Blink
  3. Yawn


I’ve also done a lot of work designing the first version of how will look the demo, is a beta so it’s going to improve:


I’ve done the background, all the scenario and few of the elements, and I’ve applied all to the game in order to see how it looks and talk with Sergi about what and how improve the different elements. It’s nice to see the game in movement with the design implemented! Although is just a beta and it’s going to change.

Sergi is working on the programming, and he has done some of the improvements we need, the lives, the character now shoots both sides, and the reload of water is fully functional.

I still have to work on Esther design, and on the sprite of at least one of the enemies. I also want to improve this first version of the scenario. We need to have the demo made ​​for the next meeting, so we keep working, all is ok by now.





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