Creative Futures – Week V

8 03 2013

Distributing time

This week I have focused more on the Final Project rather than the Creative Futures, anyway I have worked also a lot so here is the progress of the week on the different projects:

UAB Project:

We have finally the pre-editing done. Now we have to analyze in detail the lacking shots and the ones which maybe will look better from another angle. We are also analyzing the most important scene of this first short. This is scene is the most important point of the short and it needs a lot of postproduction.

In this scene, the main character arrives to a dead end. He takes one of his energy capsules and reloads it with solar energy, after that, he uses the energy to climb the giant wall and scape from his persecutors. We need to think on the shots in order to integrate the 3D capsules in the live action scenes.

This is the pre-editing, as you can see, Sergi is acting as the Main Character for this tests, we thought it wasn’t necessary to make the real actor come for this sesion of preproduction:

And finally I have the high quality render for the nearly definitive energy capsule, it took about 2 days of rendering in a 4 core processor computer. I had a lot of problems with this render due to the heavy storms of this week. There were several power energy failures and I’ve got my render interrupted several times. Also I lost some work on the animation and modeling, and I had to redo some part of the work. Finally here is the render:


3D Wedding Cards:

I’ve already finished the last Flyers, I’ve rendered them with all the necessary textures and I upload the results to their enterprise personal FTP. I had one last meeting with them and I have received the money accorded for the renders, finally the amount of renders was of 116 final useful renders. I was a bit confused about which price I will decide, so previously I have talked with my animation teacher in university about the price of the renders, he advised me about the situation of the market/field and the prices so I decided the price basing on this and the hours of render.

In the last meeting, they also ask me for a price to sell them the source archives of the project. I was a bit nervous because I hadn’t thought about this previously, so I make an offer to them, after a bit of bargaining, we arrived to a common price. They are very satisfied with the work, and they told me that soon they probably will contact me for another batch of job.

For the next time, I will prepare a table of prices in order to get a better organization. With more or less fixed prices, they also will know what to ask me and what not, with a based idea of how is going to cost. It will be easy by this way if they are going to ask me for more jobs in the future.


Pirates Videogame:

As I said, Sergi and me had a meeting with Premia de Mar people last Monday. There were a lot of improvements and results to show them because it was about to weeks without any meeting with them. We finally present more things than they had expected to this meeting.

We showed them the final design for the Main Character, and they love it. We also showed them the animation and the sprite of the cat he will have in the game. They liked and they have chosen the version with socks and large eyes:


Referring to the run animation with the gun, they have chosen the one with the more rigid arm:

Cat Gun

We also showed them the two new designs for the Pirates (the monkey and the pig), they liked both. They told us that if we want to do more animals for the Pirates we can do it, because they like all the designs.

I showed them the new design of Giant Martí, and they liked. They told us that it is a lot better than the old one which was very basic. This is the new design of Giant Martí:

Giant Martí New Design

Here is a size comparison with the main character of the game:

Size comparison

And a comparison with the old Giant Martí Design:


I also designed the character of “Esther”, I’ve done several versions of it, but they not quite like the results. They told me to continue doing some more designs of her, they told me that maybe a combination of the first and the second design will be better. I have to try that and make some other designs of Esther. These are the different designs I have showed to them.

Esther 1:


Esther 2:


Esther 3:


Esther 4:


In all the designs I’ve changed the hair and in the last one I’ve changed also the dress. I will work more in this designs in order to get one appropriate to the character which they like.

We also showed them the diagram of the events of the games, and the story of the festival applied to the game. They really liked, they like the idea of the story of the festival evolves parallel to the action of the game. We also showed them the storyboard of the movie scenes that will appear in the game telling the story. The scenes will appear between the different levels of the game.

We haven’t decided yet if the movie scenes will look like a comic with static images or like a animated short with simple animations.

We also showed them the different progresses Sergi have done in the programming part. We showed them the new way of using the gun and the water reloading, they really liked, but they have noticed that when you run out of water and reload the water gun with the bottle the marker doesn’t increase the number of shots you have reloaded. We have forgotten to apply this feature but it’s simple to resolve.

They saw the animation of the cat applied to the game, they really like how it looks. While they are playing with the character, they told us about the jump animation. We told them that the animation applied to the character is giving us some problems and we have to apply some animations and movements that aren’t applied yet due to technical difficulties.

In this entry of Sergi, you can find: links to the Diagram of the game, the Story, and the Storyboard of the Movie Scenes,  and he also uploaded some videos showing the programing progresses of the game. Here is the link to Sergi’s blog entry:

They were very happy and satisfied about this meeting, they didn’t expect all this progressing and advances. They then ask some things for the next meeting:

  • Work on the lifes of the character, make him to have 3 lifes.
  • Apply all the animations for the cat (jumping, etc).
  • Make the water shots appear on the marker.
  • Draw the sprite of at least one of the enemies/pirates.
  • Draw one stage to see the look of the game.

We will try to have a full functional demonstration level for the next meeting!





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