Creative Futures – Animac 2013

4 03 2013

Special Entry

This is an special entry entirely dedicated to the Animac Festival under the Creative Futures category. As I said, last Friday we went to Animac Festival in Lleida, and here I’m going to explain how it was!

Finally, only Sergi, Aleix and me went to the Festival. Our other partners couldn’t come. We met at 8:00 am on Tecnocampus University in Mataro.

Aleix, Sergi and I were waiting for another partner who finally doesn’t come due to heavy traffic jam. We waited until 8:40 approximately and our partner said us that we can go, because if we wait more we will arrive too late.


Then we started the journey, it was around 200 hundred kilometers, that’s more or less 2h and a half of drive. We arrive at Lleida at 12h approximately, it was very difficult to find the exact place of the festival because the indications were nearly nonexistent. We went to Lleida Town Hall and they gave us a map and some indications.

Map and indications

Finally we arrive to the enclosure, at the beginning of the day we were a bit disappointed due to the bad indications and the lack of information. But the day was progressing very good and finally the experience was brilliant.

La Llotja Lleida Enclosure

The Festival was principally placed in “La LLotja, Palau de Congresos de LLeida” it was a very big and beautiful place, the design of the building was really modern and fresh.

La Llotja Lleida

This is the hall of “La Llotja” it was very spacious and stylish, here you can see Aleix, we were queueing to buy the tickets.

La Llotja Hall Queueing for tickets

The normal price for the ticket was 9€. But there were a discount for young people, so finally the price was 5€ to us. We bought our accreditations and get into the enclosure. The Ticket actually acts as a bracelet and you have to show it every time you access an act/conference/projection.


We were a bit late, so we run into the second floor, where the Elevator Speeches where taking place. Unfortunately we arrive at the end of the first speeches, which were about different people exposing their animation projects, within a certain time of exposition.

Elevator Pitch

It was very interesting, the expositions were very concise and fast because the time for every single exposition was very short (a few minutes). When the time for the exposition was ending, they put a notice sound in order to let the people know that they only had two minutes left.

The project “Deivit and Lisa” was very funny, it was an animated series project about criticism of nowadays culture with humorous tone and style.

Deivit and Lisa Project

After the first of the Speeches section ended, we went to a bar to drink something and plan the rest of the day according to the timetable. We have already look the different timetables on the website, but the printed one was a little different so we plan the day according to what we have planned to see and the new activities we saw on the schedule.

Planning the day

Finally this was the plan:

  • 12:30h
    Elevator’s Pitch – Services (La Llotja, Sala Leandre Cristòfol)
    Micro-presentations by the professionals.
  • 16h
    Future Talent 2 (La Llotja, Sala Ricard Viñes)
    Different Animated Shorts.
  • 17:30h
    ATR. Crulic (La Llotja, Sala Ricard Viñes)
    An animation film/movie based on a true story.
  • 19h
    Curts 2 (La Llotja, Sala Ricard Viñes)
    Animated Shorts.
  • 20:30h
    ATR. Andy Gylnne. Mosaic Films (La Llotja, Sala Ricard Viñes)
    A model for documentary animation. Presentation by Andy Glynne, Managing Director at Mosaic Films.


There were two different locations for the festival (“La LLotja” and “CaixaForum”), but all the activities we want to saw were on the main location, La Llotja.

Then as we have planned, we went to the second part of “Elevator Pitch” referring to services which started at 12:30h. Different people presented their projects about services related to animation, it was a very interesting and useful exposition. The mechanics of the Elevator Speeches were the same as the previous session, with expositions of few minutes, etc.

First they told us about the nowadays panorama of animated shorts. They told us that festivals aren’t the only out for an animated short, a lot of tv channels all around the world are very interested in buying animated shorts, and this field moves a lot of money.

Animated Short Field and Market

Then “BDAE” presented his project, an I+D+I project, it’s called the “Base de datos de la animación Española” something like the Base Data of Spanish Animation, they also do Masters, and different studies.

“Social Point”, a videogames enterprise, presented their enterprise and projects, they are one of the most relevant enterprises on social games developing of the world. They where searching for people to join their studio, because they are growing a lot. They shown their project “Dino City”, a flash Social Game. They show us some part of the process developing one of the characters.

Social Point Speech

“Impulsa’t” presented also their project, it’s a new crowd funding enterprise dedicated specially to artists and art projects. Their charge is only the 3%, so they are the crowd funding enterprise with lower charges on the market.

The last one was “Moviebeta”, an enterprise that acts as an intermediary between festivals and people. If you have to present an animated short to a festival, you can upload it to their website, and they make all the process to delivery that animated short to the festival, they talked about they conserve the quality, with good compression and codecs, and the charges were between 2€ and 4€.

Moviebeta speech

That was the end of the Elevator Pitch, it was very interesting and useful in future terms.

Then, we have some time to go and have lunch, we visited the city a bit and eat in a nearby restaurant. The service of the restaurant was a bit slowly so we arrived a bit late to the “Future Talents 2” session at 16h o’clock. 

The auditorium “Sala Leandre Cristòfol” was completely amazing, it was enormous and beautiful, with light trees on both sides of the room and leafs on the roof. This is a panoramic photo of the auditorium:

Sala Ricard Viñes

All the acts of the afternoon were in this big theater, the atmosphere was really good, the lights, the people, animation everywhere. This is a 360º photo from the middle of the room:

Sala Ricard Viñes - 360

The animated shorts projected during this session were kind of experimental, like independent films. The plots where very introspective and dark sometimes.

  • Cupidon:
    France / 7’ / 2012 / maya / V.O.S. (french)
    The story of Cupid, confronted with a modern Narcissus and lived his worst day ever.

This Short was really well done, the rendering, the modeling, the rhythm and the artistic direction were really amazing. It started with some realistic Pixar style of rendering, and then it changes to some kind of Cel Shading. The plot was also very funny and entertaining. This was the most commercial animated short of this section. The animation was a bit messy compared to other aspects of the short but was good at any rate.


  • Hänen tilanne
    Jenni Rahkonen / Finland / 6’ / 2012 / animated drawning / S.D.
    The world won’t stop turning even when one stops turning with it.

This had a very independent feeling and look, showing an introspective story. The animation was simple but good. The audio and the sounds were the aspect I most liked from the short. Very nervous atmosphere and clear message.

  • Strings
    Israel / 11’ / 2012 / 3D Computer / V.O.S. (english)
    A marionette puppet with aspirations of glory, realizes that the way to fulfill them is not that simple when you are a puppet with feelings.

This one was a bit strange, the modeling and the animation look really good, but the technique and the render were so simple. The materials look irreal and bad chosen, with better render and materials, the short would look a lot better. The story was good but the rhythm was a bit slow and mishandled.

  • Der Übersetzer
    Germany / 5’ / 2012 / animated drawing / S.D.
    A translator is confronted with an obstacle. Or is it him that is the obstacle? A story about linguistic challenges, intellectual highs and lows, step sequences and dancing with words.

This was one of the most I disliked. It was very metaphoric and redundant. The message was good and also de animation and esthetic. But the rythm was so slow and a bit repetitive.

  • From Dad to Son
    Nils Knoblich / Germany / 5’ / 2012 / stop-motion / S.D.
    A prisoner receives the message that his old father needs help with tilling the field. In his desperate situation the prisoner suddenly has the idea to use the guards to till his dad’s land. A paper crafted animation short about family and the conflicts of physical separation and their communication.

This was very good, a great surprise. Great animation, original and good rhythm. The story was the strong point of the short, very funny and cute. I like it a lot. The artistic aspect was also very well achieved.

From dad to son

  • Pohyper
    Hui-ching Tseng / Taiwan / 3′ / 2012
    An experimental animation made using multimedia techniques to explore the new possibilities of mixing stop motion and computer graphic images in animation.

This one was really fun and well-made. A surprise and very different to the others. Very original and happy esthetic with the use of stop motion applied to the shirts which were wearing the actors of the short.

  • Omega
    Germany / 19’ / 2012 / Stop-motion, 3D Animation / S.D.
    The mechanical life form Ohm inhabits a bleak and devastated planet. The thousands of mechanical creatures of this world share a single cycle of energy. In this cycle, Ohm is a rogue element. His nature is to devour and absorb others. When one day a gargantuan foreign object appears in the skies during a lightning storm, the Ohm’s greed will endanger the known order of matter, time and space.

This was really dense, maybe with a better rhythm it will look less dense. I like it, but it was maybe to large and slow. Well done and original, very futuristic with a great atmosphere.

At 17:30h the movie Crulic started. It was kind of interesting, the animation was very unusual, combining different styles and all guided by the narration of the main character. The most hard point of the movie was that it is based on true story, it’s so hard. I liked, maybe a little slow.

At 19:00h started the Shorts session named “Curts 2”, there were a lot of shorts so I’m only going to talk about the ones I liked the most. The auditorium was full of people in this session, they give us some papers in order to mark each short with a mark from 0 to 10, it was a great experience.

  • Olympic Vermin
    Amael Isnard and Leo Bridle / United Kingdom / 1’ / 2012 / 2D computer, live action / S.D.
    An alternative take on the Olympic torch relay that took over London in 2012.

This was really funny. Simple and short but well done and entertaining, the integration of the characters into the life action scenes was really well done, and it was very funny with a good rhythm.

  • Les mots de la carpe
    Lucrèce Andreae / France / 4’ / 2012 / drawing animation / S.D.
    We’re in a bar in which there are two seats to each table and various couples… Every few minutes, the men and their dates for the evening change around – it’s the rule of the game!

This was the animated short which I liked the most from the entire festival. It was really surprising, funny, well animated and well-done. The characters, the animation and the colors where incredible. All the people in the theater laugh a lot with this short, I really really like it.

Les mots de la carpe

  • À la française
    BOYER Morrigane, HAZEBROUCQ Julien, HSU Ren Hsien, LELEU Emmanuelle, LORTON William / França / 7’ / 2012 / 3D animation / S.D.
    It’s an afternoon in Versailles, during the reign of Louis XIV.

Really funny and well done, perfect technique and rendering and modeling, illumination, etc. But it doesn’t surprise me, very typical jokes and gags. Funny at the end.

  • Fuga
    Juan Antonio Espinares / Spain / 15’ / 2012 / 2D and 3D / S.D.
    Sarah, having just arrived at Santa Cecília’s conservatory, will discover that there are different ways of interpreting each side of the prism from which she perceives her reality and talent.

This was the most surprising well-done and powerful short of the festival. All the people cheer after it ended. The artistic design was incredible with amazing hair and clothes physics, combining life action with actors and animation. The music was sublime and the rhythm great. Also the plot was very good and catchy.

This session was really great, the atmosphere was amazing with really good and fresh shorts.

Then the session with Andy Gylnne started at 20:30h in the same room:


The conference was really interesting, he start asking to the public, which kind of public we are. He ask who were animators, producers, documentary producers, or just moviegoers. For my surprise, there weren’t a lot of animators in all the theater.

Then he started to talk about his life, and which were the main point of his life in order to make him what he is now. He then started to talk about his animated documentaries.

He introduced to us the “Animated Minds” documentaries, there are animated documentaries, based on mental illness. He talk about the process he takes to do one of this “Animated Minds”.

  1. He interview a person, someone with specific mental illness, he record that.
  2. He takes the interview, and edit the audio in 30 minutes.
  3. Then he returns to talk with the person interviewed, and show him the result.
  4. When all it’s ok, it start the “normal” story board, and animatic production to do the animation based on the interview edited audio.

He explain that with animation, he can explain the illness and the sensations separately from the person. If you see a normal interview you might think “this person have this problem” but if you se with animation, with no real face behind the words, you understand the problem and the situation in a more general concept, not focused on an individual.

Also with animation you can feel and understand how people with that illness see and feel the world. He shown us three animated minds videos.

The first one is about someone with obsessive compulsive disorder, it really make you get closer to that people feelings.

The second is about someone with Asperge syndrome, I never realized how people with this illnes feel before seeing this video. I have heard about the symptoms but I’ve never imagined how it could be since I saw this video. It is really well-done.

This is really really hard video. I think I’ve never seen anything like this. Also the speech gains strength because you know that who is talking is a real person with this real problem. And the animation makes you think on the general illnes, not only applied to one single case.

Andy told us that at the beginning they doesn’t imagine the repercussion of their videos, but a lot of people began to e-mail them saying that this videos had helped them to know what actually is happening to them. People that were in treatment for years finally has discovered what happens to them seeing these videos.

Then Andy stop talking about animated minds and start talking about different animated documentaries produced for the BBC, called Seeking Refuge. They explain the experiences of young refugees living in the UK. Another time he used the original voices from child testimonies, and animation for visualize their stories. He shown us two different animated shorts from this series.

Personally I get more impressed by “Animated Minds” rather than “Seeking Refuge”, but I also liked that last one.

Then he presented to us his last project teaser, it’s a project about testimonies from child who have deserted from North Korea, and it’s a feature film, not an animated short.

I really enjoyed the conference, it was very interesting. Andy Glynne had a translator for this conference, and she didn’t translated him very well, she committed some mistakes altering the words from Andy. Andy had talked very well and understanding english so I didn’t have any problem to understand him directly.

Andy Glynne

The conference ended about 22h o’clock. We had to leave because the journey back to home was very long, but it would have been great to remain and see the adult short session which started at 22h o’clock. This is me at Animac 2013:

Me at Animac 2013

Finally we arrive home around 1:00 am, very tired but very pleased and looking forward to returning next year! I learnt a lot and it has been a great experience!




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