Creative Futures – Week IV

28 02 2013

Keep Working

Here is the progress of the week on the different projects:

UAB Project:

Things are progressing for UAB project: the editing of the pre-shoting is being reviewed and analyzed; Sergi has contacted and talked several times with the department and now we probably have some money to cover project costs; And the post production team (Aleix and me) are working on new scenes which has some effects involved. I thought that we will finish the first short film of the project for the creative futures deadline if we continue with this progresses.

Finally we have the nearly definitive design for the capsules (now we have to test how they look integrated in some scenes and show them in order to get the final confirmation), this is design:

Nearly Definitive Capsule

It’s a variation of one of the old presented designs.

Some days after, the post production team (Raul and me) have been started to work in how to apply some of the effects.

As I said we (Aleix and me) are working on a new scene. In that scene we want the actor to jump a big wall, he can do it but the wall is not big enough. We want to make it look bigger, so now we are working on increasing the height of the wall.

This is the original scene:

Original Wall

And this is the basic pre-composing that confirmed us it will be possible to achieve:

first pre-composing

My work was to make a detailed and more realistic version of this one, I’ve worked on different possibilities considering the action and the different shots of the scene. This is the Result:

Enhanced Wall

This is the first variation, in which I make the wall look more imposing and difficult to surpass:

Both sides alternative

And in this variation, I conserve the rail at the same time (because it really exists in the other shots), but it is the most difficult variation, because achieve a realistic look will be very hard comparing to the others:

Difficult variation

Now we have to investigate which of this versions is the best for the scene and the different shots of the action. We have to achieve a realistic look but it is also really important making the shot match with the other shots of the scene.


3D Wedding Cards:

After contacting them, they give me access to their enterprise personal FTP, and I have downloaded all the different design textures for the cards.

I have done a lot of renders with so many different pattern designs for the 3D models, and I uploaded them to their enterprise personal FTP. They really like the work and they ordered me another order.

I’m modeling some kind of Flyers, and I have to show them the results. Once they give me a confirmation about the 3D model, (and like in the other order) I will take the different textures of their FTP, and I will do the rendering of the new cards with the new respective textures. The studio for the new cards will be the same with the cloudy white texture.


Pirates Videogame:

The next meeting with Premia de Mar city Hall is the 4rth of March, but we actually have some progresses to show. Also we are working on other things for the meeting.

As they requested, I have worked on the design of new enemies, I think that now we have enough variety of animals for the band of pirates, but probably I will make another one for the next meeting.

This is the Pig and the Monkey, two of the new designed enemies:

New enemies

I have also worked on the definitive design for the Main Character, the Cat, this is the new design:

New Cat Design

I’m also working in the design of “Esther” and the definitive design of “Giant Martí”. I hope I’ll have them finished for the meeting.

I’ve been also advancing work working on the sprite of the Main Character, the game will have a minimalistic Retro-Pixel look. So I’ve designed the character basic sprite and walk animation with “pixel art” technique:

Stand Character:


I’ve done different versions, with large trousers, with socks, and with different eyes, here are the different versions:

Other Versions

I’ve also done the the walk cycle, here is the cycle for one of the versions:


And I’ve also done the walk cycle for him with the Water Gun, here are two different versions of the walk cycle with the gun:

Cat GunCat Gun 2

Sergi is going to upload in his blog a demonstration of the programing advances he has made, and a diagram of Game’s basic structure. In this entry of his blog you can find the diagram and the programing tests:

I’m working on one of the Pirate’s sprite for the meeting , and also on the design of a test level. Sergi is going to work on different aspects such as the life of the main character, and apply the different animations I’ve done. We are trying to have one “test” level finished nearby.


Animation Festival:

Finally we are going to Animac Festival in Lleida! Tomorrow is the day, I am going with Aleix, Sergi, and two other partners. We were very busy so it’s been very difficult to get a free day for attend the festival, I’m happy because finally we have arranged a day for attending.

Tomorrow will be the second day of the Festival. It’s the first time I’m going to a animation film festival so I’m very excited, there will be a lot of things to see and do.


There will be elevator speeches, workshops, meetings and projections. I am very interested also on see and investigate which are the most trending sectors for the animation in our country, Animation in Spain is living an excellent moment (with great production such as “Tadeo Jones”) so it will be great to know about the industry directly from people working in the animation sector.

I’m also very interested in obtaining information about the different animation schools and academies in my country.


Here are some short films that will be presented on the festival and I would like to see:

  • Mountain:
  • À la française:
  • Fuga:


There will be some Elevator Pitch presenting new projects tomorrow:

It will be great to see some people starting and this world and explaining their projects, new projects for the industry that maybe become famous.


There will be also a presentation about Mosaic Films, Andy Glyne will talk about the Studio and the tho BBC series Animated Minds and Seeking Refuge:


Breakfast with the Authors: I don’t know if we will arrive to this because it’s at 10:00h and tomorrow there are heavy rain alerts in Catalonia, and we live very far from Lledia, so maybe we can’t arrive to the lunch hour.


There will be also animated short for adults, this are the ones who I would like to see:

Nearly all the adult animated shorts seem very very interesting. We are investigating all the activities in order to decided what to see and what not. I think it’s going to be a great day.





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