Creative Futures – Week III

19 02 2013

Keep Working

Here is the progress of the week on the different projects:

UAB Project:

We have done the pre-filming last week, and now we have to work with this material in order to see the timings and create a definitive and more detailed shooting script based on the results of the old shooting script. We have also to plan in detail the camera shots where post production is needed (3D integration, mate-painting, etc)

Referring to the 3D aspect, I’ve been working on the back design of the energy capsules. I’ve done different versions in order to make a decision:







They are still deliberating which is the most appropriate design. Personally I prefer the “Old X Black” and the “Metal Plane” designs.

I’ve been also working on the energy stored inside the capsules, I’ve tried different methods to represent the energy.

First I tried using particles, but it results unpractical due to 3D technical aspects (the particle is to heavy in rendering, and is difficult to control them inside the ball) and the aspect it’s not perfect, it doesn’t looks like energy. Here is the result:

Particles Test

And a low quality video render:

Then I tried to recreate the energy with an unconnected polygon moving mass, the size and the properties vary so it looks like a plasma-energy mass restrained into the capsule.

This is the first version, in which the plasma polygons where more static, and the plasma exits the capsule in some moments:

In this improved version the polygons of the plasma vary their properties, and the plasma-energy is totally restrained into the capsule without trespassing:

This is nearly the most definitive version of how energy will look like. The next thing I have to do is combine this results with the chosen back design of the capsule, and then with all integrated, ask for feedback to give the final OK.

We are now working in some scenes of the first pre-filming, which need some post-production.


3D Wedding Cards:

Now I have:


General Shot – Front View – Open Card
General Shot – Back View – Closed Card
Closed Detail Shot – Open Card + Front Closed Card

I have shown them the stronger aspect cards, and they liked. They told me to modify one of the views of the cards (General Shot – Front View – Open Card), they want the card a bit closed, because it looks unreal standing opened in that way.

They have chosen the cloudy white texture for the studio between the different possibilities I offer to them. Now I’m contacting with them to get the different textures for each card that I will render.

As I always say about this particular job/project: I’m not uploading all the information and images to this blog due to privacy, I will include this information in the document version of Creative Futures which I will send directly to my teachers for the accorded deadline.


Pirates Videogame:

Last Thursday, we have met (Sergi Petit and I) with Premia de Mar city Hall to talk more about the project.

For this meeting, I’ve done different designs based on the requests they made to us, based on animal characters:

Pirates Premia Game - First Designs

(Click for larger version)

We let them choose one design for the protagonist and one for pirates. For the main character, they have chosen the third in the first row, the “Neutral Cat”. Referring to pirates, they told us that it will be great to have different animals representing different the pirates, not only one type of animal. They liked Pirate Omar’s design. They proposed that some pirates could have a pegleg, it’s a great idea, I have totally forgotten this aspect when designing the characters and it could work so well.

We showed them the first playable demo, which Sergi Petit will upload on his blog, because he is doing the programming part of the game. They have some advices and proposals for the gaming part, but generally they liked how it’s evolving. Sergi commented to them that the water gun and the ability to shot will be not available from the beginning, also they told us that it will be interesting to make the water consumed when you shot, so you have to look for water and reload the water gun, this will emphasize the exploration part of the game.

We also have thought about the story of the game, based on the legend. We didn’t have clear the end of the story, but they helped us with our doubts and we have arrived to a proper ending that they have finally liked and approved.


You, the Main character, are a friend of “Giant Marti” and a villager of “Premia de Mar”.

The Game Story starts with the beginning of the legend, “Giant Marti” is going to get married with “Esther” but when they are in the middle of the ceremony, the Pirates appear taking over the city.

Pirate Omar appears knocking out Giant Martí and kidnap Esther with you and some villagers. They take you and the other prisoners to ship’s hold. Now you have to scape through all the pirate ship to escape from the pirates.

Meanwhile the pirates have taken the city, and burn the Town Hall. Villagers are resisting grouped into one singled street called “Sant Antoni”.

You manage to scape beating all the pirates of the ship, and then you and the other prisoners (including Esther) arrive to the city.

Then you see a lot of pirates going down the city, they are being kicked out of the city by the resistance of villagers. Then, you face Pirate Omar, he says to you that maybe they have recovered the city, but he is going to kidnap Esther and scape.

Then you have to beat Pirate Omar, when you are nearly defeated, Giant Marti appears and finish Pirate Omar, saving Esther and kicking of the pirates from the city definitely.

With all in peace, they celebrate the weeding between Giant marti and Esther, and then the game ends.


We have proposed that the final battle of the game can be a “fake battle” where you always lose and Giant Marti appears to save the situation.

For next meeting we have to work on the definitive design of the main character; do more pirate designs including more animals; work on the programming changes and proposals; and make a diagram integrating the game story into the level design and gameplay.


Animation Festival:

We are now focusing on “Animac” Festival, it’s a catalan festival which takes place in Lleida, from 28 of February until the 3rd of March.

Here is festival’s web site:

We are planning the travel because it would be great to attend this festival and include the experience in our Creative Futures.





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