Creative Futures – Week II

12 02 2013

Keep Working

Here is the progress of the week on the different projects. I want to clarify that contents that I post here are just a kind of Journal of the progress on the different projects. I’m writting the complete information about the projects in the document version of Creative Futures which I deliver to my tutors/teachers for the project deadline.

UAB Project:

We have been working a lot on the first short Story Board last week, because this week we are going to make a pre-filming to calculate timing and see how all works together.

We have contacted with UAB teachers of the department and they approved all the progresses we have made. We’ve done castings and we have already our main actor chosen. We have a lot of work done referring to the pre-rpoduction because these project started some months ago. According to the artistic and graphic aspects in the short, we have to do some kind of 3D energy capsules. We have worked on the design of these capsules and now it’s almost definitive.

At the beginning the capsule design was spherical and glass made. Aleix Mayor have worked digitalizing this first “sphere” shaped design of the capsule. But we have decided that the “spherical” aspect look false and unreal. So I have worked on another design, I tried to made the capsule with a more technological look and less magical. To make more realistic design I’ve changed the perfect sphere shape of the first design.

This is the new design of the capsule, there is a LED at the top which indicates if the capsule is empty or full. The energy is contained in the central part:

New capsule Design

I’ve also made the 3D version, here is a video showing it:

I’ve received feedback about the new design of capsule and all looks great for them; but they don’t like the bottom part of the capsule (the X form with light), so I’m working on simplifying that part.

Here is a detail of LED in green; capsule full of energy:


And here is a detail with the LED in red; empty capsule:

RED LED - Empty

Aleix Mayor have also worked digitalizing the inside energy. He tried to do the energy with kind of 3D smoke, but we have decided that it doesn’t look like energy, so I am working now on how the energy is and how it moves inside the capsule.


3D Wedding Cards:

I’ve done the first 3D modeling of the cards based on the views they requested me. I’ve shown them the results and they like the aspect, but they want the cards a bit thicker, because they look weak in my modelings, so I’m now working on giving to the cards a stronger aspect.

I’m also working on different kind of textures for the “studio” where the cards will stay, I’m preparing different versions with slightly different tones and textures to make them decide which one feels the best.

I have also talked about prices with them in my last meeting, I will include this information in the document version of Creative Futures.


Pirates Videogame:

We have met (Sergi Petit and I) with Premia de Mar city Hall to talk more about the project. Basing on the Legend, we proposed to make a platform game. We think is perfect because It’s a game genere that we can achieve with our actual knowledge of programing, and it’s funny to play. They agree with the typology of the game, because they don’t want a “point and click” didactic game.

In the game, the Pirates will kidnap some Villagers. Our main character will be one of those villagers, and his goal is to scape and save all the prisoners. They talked us about the different characters and situations of the legend, and they want us to use and adapt these characters to the game for the next meeting.

One of the Festival traditions in Premia is to make a big war with water guns between pirates and villagers, so we have thought about the idea of equip Pirates of the game with water guns instead of real weapons. They really liked this idea, because is a game addressed to children so real guns are not appropriate.

When we were commenting about people and pirates, they told us the possibility of make Animals instead of People, like in Children fables, in which appear humanized animals representing people. They told us that telling the story with animals will be more attractive to kids.

So for next meeting: we have to do some designs and purposes about the “animal” characters; think about the legend and his characters applied to the game; and do some programing tests to show them the basics of the game.


Animation Festival:

Now we are looking for near festivals, because we have a lot of work and projects, and we can’t go so far to attend animation festivals.





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