Creative Futures

4 02 2013

Different Projects

Here I’m going to explain and show all the projects I have for the Creative Futures module. I didn’t post this earlier because I wasn’t sure about some of them, but now all is clear so here is a list:

UAB Project:

This is an Audiovisual Project that UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona) has requested to us. It is a project managed by the physics department of UAB, and they have contacted us, Red Frog Animation, to make the audio visual part of the Project.

The Project consists in different science fiction shorts, which will include some physic elements involving energy. Each of this shorts will refer to different physic problems that will explain what and how things happened.

Our job is to do this science fiction shorts, which combined will make a full story. The main character of the story will have to overcome various obstacles saving energy.

This is a very large Project that involves a lot of people and a lot of time, it has started some months ago and it is going to be finished next year approximately, so it will not cover the entire Creative Futures. But is a professional project that I’m doing and I want to include even though it won’t be finished for the Creative Futures term.

In this Project I’m working with Sergi Petit and Aleix Mayor. I am the Art Director of the Project, and I also different stuff because is a big project.


3D Wedding Cards:

This is more a Job rather than a full Project. An enterprise of my city were looking for a 3D designer, so I got in touch with them. They want to make some 3D wedding cards for their website. They were searching for someone who can make this and after a first meeting with them, they ordered me to do some work. I’m not going to talk about this in the blog because of privacy, I’ll will explain all the details in the written version of the Project, with descriptions of all the meetings and processes. Now, I am working on the first versions of the cards which I have to show to them for feedback.

This will be an important part of my Creative Futures because it will be finished according to the term.


Pirates Videogame:

This was recently confirmed. A teacher of our University told us that some people of “Premia de Mar” town hall where looking for people to do an audio visual project related with their city festival. They want to make a VideoGame based on the legend of their Festival, to make kids play at schools. The game hasn’t to be didactic, but it has to include the Legend of the city.

The Legend and the Festival is about Pirates, so it’s going to be a game with pirates. This is a Project which I share with Sergi Petit, he is going to do the Programming part and I’m going to do the Graphic part. We think that they’re both two roles very separated and this project is perfect for our Creative Futures.

We have a meeting on Wednesday to show them our first ideas about the Videogame. We are now documenting about the legend and the festival to make a pre-design of the Game.


Animation Festival:

We (me and other classmates) are planning to go to an animation festival to learn more about the professional work and the future of animation, so we are planning to go to some festival.


And this is all by now. The most important projects, which will be a very important part of my Creative Futures, are the Pirates Videogame and the 3D Weeding Cards. They are both two projects that I will finish for the Creative Futures term, and they are different and complete.

The Pirates Videogame project, is a full entire project, which we will do under the orders and the supervision of other people. And the 3D Weeding Cards is a real full professional project, because I have a boss and I will receive money for the work.

The UAB Project is very important but it is very large, so it won’t be finished for the Creative Futures term, so I will document our processes until the finishing date of Creative Futures.




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