Some changes in Workflow

21 01 2013

Getting advice from my Tutor

While working on the definitive Story Board, I realized that first of all I had to determine how the animation will be in my short. My short will be like a graphic novel, so I was wondering when to use animation and how.

I was looking for some examples, because I want to make the 3D visible, and this is hard to achieve with static images. Here are two examples that I consider:

This clip of the Movie Kick Ass has a really nice style, without normal animation, based on comic style.

And in this the Opening clip of Marvel Vs Capcom 3, the 3D effect is really strong and there is not animation (only camera movements).

With this ideas in mind, I decided to create a really basic scene recreating the first seconds of my animated short. Here is the result:

But the result wasn’t the expected, so I arranged a meeting with my Tutor David Minguillón to show him my advances and talk about how is going to be the animation in my animated short.

Last Friday I meet with him and talked about all my doubts for a very long time. After showing him my examples, ideas, and tests, he told me that I was putting so much camera movements just to show the 3D technique, but without any narrative purposes. He told me that I have to really take care measuring the quantity of animation and camera movements.
As a Graphic Novel, it has to be more static. I have to select when the narrative requires animation and when not. Camera and animation movements focuses spectator’s attention, so with so many camera movements the narration loses the rhythm.

He told me that it will be helpfull to do some tests with the real final look before keep working on the preproduction. With the respective tests I will know how to continue with the entire production.

So now I will focus on modeling one full scene and do different tests. With this I will know the exact animation style and I will go further making the full Layout of the animated short.




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