Polishing the StoryBoard

10 01 2013

Making some changes

I’m working on the Storyboard now, making some changes to make it look perfect and ready to the production. One of the problems I had is that the beginning of the story was too complicate to make it understandable without words (the part of the ancient race legend). I don’t want to put any spoken word in the Animated Short, to make it understandable and international. But the begining is too complicated, so I’m changing a few things.

I managed to arrange some details to get a good and understandable beginningwith no spoken words. I’m working on this and also on the rest of the StoryBoard, restructuring some Shots and optimizing the story. Maybe some small details of the original Storyline will change, but nothing that changes the main plot. Also I’mtrying to simplify the most complicated parts.

Story Board Capture




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