Characters Design

10 01 2013

100+ Pages

Here I will upload the different Characters Design, including Major and Minor Characters,  there are more than 100 pages of character designs and descriptions in total.

Keria - Character Design

Here is the content of every Character Design Sheet (with little variations in some of the Characters):

1. Description & Data
1.1. Personality
1.2. Relationships
2. Character Design
2.1. Final Design
2.1.1. Character Views: 3/4 view
2.1.2. Character Views: Front view
3.1.3. Character Views: Profile view
3.1.4. Character Views: Back view
2.2. All Views
2.3. Colors
2.4. Clarifications
3. Character Expressions
3.1. Neutral
3.2. Angry
3.3. Sad
3.4. Suprised
3.5. Happy
3.6. Expression Sheet
4. Rejected Designs

Minor Characters have less detailed “Character Views” than Major Characters due to they are simpler and more symmetrical, but they have all the necessary details explained for production purposes.

Keira - Character Expressions

It has been very hard work that has led me much longer than I expected. Here are the different PDF files download links of each Character:

Major Characters Design:

Keira – Character Design
Kaylee – Character Design
The King – Character Design
Black Knight – Character Design
Ewan (Young Black Knight) – Character Design

Minor Characters Design:

Castle Guards – Character Design
Farmer – Character Design




One response

13 01 2016

I like your style, I’m just starting out and I have light years to go, but you give me hope that someday I can do it 😊

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