Inspiration references II

5 07 2012

The Videogame side

Like I said in previous posts, I want to give to my project kind of video game style, in this post I would talk about some of the influences that inspire me.

I want to give to the short a strong adventure look, the adventure aspect will be similar to “The Legend of Zelda“, with exploration, dungeons, great and evil Monster, and a bit of magic involving all together. When I’m playing “The Legend of Zelda” games I feel like there’s a whole world to explore, a very fantastic place which its full of life.

I want to give that adventure and “little character vs great world and evil enemy” feel to my project. Also in Zelda the main character Link have to save the Princess, which is similar to my idea.

Respecting to the “game play”, referring to how the Main character of my project is going to move and act, I don’t want to give a normal adventure look game (just walking and fighting with his sword), I want to give it the feeling of an action-platform game, with jumping abilities and kind of freely and smooth moves.

My inspiration here is any of the 3D Super Mario games:




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