First story ideas

4 07 2012

Evolving Ideas

I started to draw something for getting ideas. And based on the idea of a magic midle age story, I created a Monster, who kidnaps sister’s main character.

And then I start to think about that monster, his personality and the reasons why he kidnaps that little girl.

Here’s the sketch:

(The Sister, trapped in the crystal, the Monster, and the Main Character)

The Monster would have 40 years, and he would been created by a wizard because the kingdom king’s aren’t allowed to have a child, and they want a little boy, but the magic goes wrong and instead of a normal boy they obtained a Monster.

The Monster would want a sister, because he is confused, he plays things that other boys doesn’t play.

The Monster has no friends, but, in secret, he kidnaps little girls and transforms them into dolls for playing with. That’s why he kidnap’s the little sister of the Main Character Girl which age is 20.

After that, I realized that the story was getting a humorous tone and I wanted something more serious and epic. I started to think in other type of “monster” and then was when I thought about the “Black Knight”.

Changing some things:

The Black Knight:

He was the heir to the throne, but he was too naughty and disobedient.

One day the king left the Kingdom for doing an important political travel, and gave the command of the Kingdom to his son, the Black Knight.

During the king’s absence the Black Kinght committed a lot of atrocities, and when the king returns, the “Black Knight” was exiled by his father.

Then he becomes a very bad person and a hermit, living alone in the mountains, and going down to loot and stole things to the citizens and the people of the villages and the farmers.

The Black Knight is so lonely and his unique purpose in life is to defeat the king (his father) and control the kingdom.

The story of the short starts with a book telling the prophecy of an ancient race capable of transform in horrible beasts with an amazing destruction power (I have to think which creature).

The fact is that the Main Character, the Girl, and his little sister, were the two unique living descendants of that ancient race. They live in the forest apart form the normal people, doing her live normally.

But one day the Black Knight realizes that the Girl and her sister were descendants, and he plans to kidnap the little sister and use his unleashed power to beat the King and become the master and lord of the Kingdom.

He plans to kidnap the little sister because he knows that the Girl have control over his powers, unlike his innocent little sister, which is still just a kid.

The Knight would kidnap the little sister, and the Girl would become involved in an adventure to save her little sister and preventing the Black Knight to ruin the Kingdom.




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