Negotiated Studies 1 ARD602: Raul Reyes Luque

3 07 2012

First introduction to my project

Due to my first priority is 3D modeling, which is the most I like and the area in which I want to specialize myself, I want to emphasize that part of the Project, dedicating more time to do a great modeling rather than spent a lot of hours with animation or rendering.
For this reason my idea is to do kind of animated Comic or Graphic Novel, combining 3D renders with 2D movement, with real 3D complete rendered actions and movements.
With this method I’ll also achieve a better quality on the renders, because the amount of renders will be considerably smaller.

Also this method will allow me to work with after effects and Photoshop, working on composing for the 2D animation.

The idea is to create something with videogame look, but without the restrictions that videogames have.
The style of the short will be something like the movie “Tangled” from Disney, with a Cartoonish style for characters but with realistic backgrounds, and realistic hair and clothes.

But these are all techincal aspects, I have to think harder for having a good and solid storyline!




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